Birthstone Jewelry: From January to December Birthstone History and Symbolism



The tradition of wearing stones to represent the month you were born in, has a long and rich history that has crossed cultures, geography, and time.  Today we call them 'birthstones.' 

Many historians believe that the concept of stones to representing months dates back to the bible.  Specifically, there is a passage in the Bible's Book of Exodus regarding Aaron's breast plate which adorned with 12 representational stones.  Josephus, a first century historian, believed there was a connection between these 12 stones, the 12 months of the year, and the 12 zodiac symbols. 

Overtime the stones that represent the months have changed.  However, in 1912 an American organization, called the National Association of Jewelers, or what is today the Jewelers of America, standardize the stones to what we know today.  The only significant change that has occurred to these stones took place in 2016 when Citrine became officially recognized as an alternative stone for November.  This gave November babies an affordable and more well known alternative to Topaz. 

What's your birthstone?

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