Collection: Diamond Rings

If you love diamond rings, our collection will dazzle you! Bella’s offers classic, modern, edgy, vintage, and unique diamond fashion rings. Our designs are crafted in 14K gold, with Jabel designs, also available in 18K and platinum.

Our diamond fashion rings are set with ethically sourced diamonds from designer and manufacturers, David Connolly and Jabel. They offer a diamond pledge that every stone set in their jewelry is Kimberley Process compliant and is conflict free.  Likewise, the diamonds they use follow the United States Government's current Russian diamond sanctions.

Another reason we work with designers Jabel and David Connolly to create our diamond fashion rings is because they are American made fine jewelry companies. Being a made in America jewelry company means they have first-hand control over quality standards. This allows them to identify problems and flaws early in the production process, well before they are completed. Flawed finish jewelry is terrible for the environment as it requires duplicate replacement manufacturing which wastes natural resources. Likewise, American made fine jewelry eliminates the need for overseas shipping which uses a greater amount of fossil fuels and increases one’s carbon footprint.

When we talk about Jabel’s diamond fashion rings, we often say that they are die struck. However, few people understand the labor of love that goes into being die struck. Die struck jewelry begins by carefully alloying the various metals Jabel offers; including 14K yellow, white, green, and rose gold, 18K yellow and white gold, and platinum. The metal is cast into bars which slowly go through a repeated process of heating and rolling. The heating keeps the metal flexible and free from becoming brittle. The rolling gently thins the metal to a sheet of designated widths. Once the correct width is achieved, the metal is placed in a press where it is struck with immense tons of pressure to compress the metal into the die’s shape. The result is an heirloom quality, highly dense piece of precious metal jewelry that is incredibly strong and durable.

Jabel’s die struck diamond fashion rings are most noted for their diamond cluster rings. These rings were engineered decades ago by Jabel’s toolmakers, measuring to within the one thousandth of a millimeter in a domed pattern. The doming allows for a reduced number of prongs in the design. Prongs typically create dead spots in a cluster’s brilliance. The doming also allows light to mass more efficiently through each of the stones, bringing out each of the diamond’s inherent brilliance. These designs make excellent right hand diamond ring designs.

The David Connolly collection is a beautiful assortment of right hand diamond ring designs, two stone diamond rings, and stackable diamond rings. The designs are crafted in 14K yellow, white, and rose gold and set with round brilliant, ideal cut, fine make, SI2 H color diamonds. 

David Connolly’s two stone diamond rings are a favorite in our collection of symbolic jewelry.  In a two stone diamond ring design, each diamond represents the dual nature of a romantic relationship. One diamond represents the person as your best friend. The other diamond is meant to symbolize the romantic connection you both share.  Two stone diamond rings are an excellent gift for any romantic occasion, such as Valentine’s Day or an anniversary.  

Without a doubt, stacking jewelry is one of jewelry’s most luxurious trends and it looks like it's here to stay. Jabel and David Connolly both offer a wide range of stackable diamond rings, some of the most popular designs are the all diamond eternity rings, precious gemstone and diamond rings, and the fashion-forward floating diamond ring. All these designs can be ordered in your choice of 14K yellow, white, or rose gold to achieve a two tone or tri-color gold look.

We look forward to you exploring our diamond fashion rings. If you need any modifications, our personal online jeweler representatives will be happy to discuss how we have customized rings in the past and what we can do for you.