Collection: Wedding Band Enhancers

Have you ever looked at someone’s wedding set and noticed identical bands framing the engagement ring? These rings are called gold and diamond ring enhancers, or ring guards. They are often sold as a set, each ring a mirror image of the other. They sit against each side of the engagement ring, to both protect the center band and add visual symmetry to the set. They are available in platinum, 14K, and 18K yellow and white gold wedding bands; with special order in 14K rose gold. While most of our ring guards are sold in sets, a few of our diamond ring guards are sold separately.

The majority of our gold wedding ring enhancers are similar  to plain wedding bands with flush sides that allow the design to nestle against a center ring; typically, engagement rings or wedding bands. When the rings do have adornments, they are subtle rows of milgraining, either in a single, double, or triple row. The milgrain adds texture to the rings, while not distracting from the central ring. Interestingly, our single row milgrain wedding ring enhancers are often added to stacks of fashionable gold, diamond, and gemstone rings. The all-gold texture adds complexity to these curated collections of stackable wedding rings. 

Our beautiful channel set diamond wedding ring enhancers feature a unique detail. Instead of a straight band, they are angled across the width, pulling your eye toward the ring they are framing. They are available in all diamonds or with precious gemstones that alternate with the diamonds. It is important to note that these bands are set with ethically sourced diamonds. All of Bella’s diamonds are compliant with the Kimberley Process and all Russian diamonds sanctions. Our precious gemstones are also acquired from reputable gem dealers and are hand selected for exceptional color, clarity, cut, and consistent size calibration. These gemstone and diamond ring guards can be purchased alone or as a set when you add two to the cart in our online jewelry store, simply note they are a matched pair.

Finally, we would like to note that these rings are from our made in America jewelry designer, Jabel. We share their vision for a more responsible jewelry industry that puts green jewelry manufacturing at the forefront. In order to achieve this, Jabel focuses on quality. Their domestic manufacturing allows them to identify problems early in production. Once identified, they can remedy the problem and prevent the need for replacement manufacturing, which doubles the use of our limited natural resources. Also, Jabel’s domestic production eliminates the consumption of fossil fuels consumed by overseas shipping. Finally, supporting Jabel helps us support American made fine jewelry and the people who make it.

At Bella’s, we believe in the versatility of the fine jewelry we feature in our online jewelry store. Our collection of wedding ring enhancers offer many functions, adding symmetry to wedding rings, giving protection to engagement rings or wedding bands, and providing complexity to stacks of gold, diamond, and gemstone rings. To learn more, reach out to one of our online personal jeweler representatives.