Collection: Curved Wedding Bands

Curved wedding bands pair perfectly with engagement rings. These beautiful gold and diamond wedding bands come as gently or dramatically contoured wedding bands. Curved wedding bands with diamonds, come in a variety of setting styles, including prong and channel sets. Likewise, our all-gold wedding bands come in a variety of motifs, including high polish finishes and engraved details. The greatest benefit of curved wedding bands is the engagement ring and wedding band cradle one another without any significant gaps or spaces for a meticulous look.

The number one reason to select a curved wedding set is its close fit with an engagement ring. The top-down silhouette of an engagement ring shows that the diamond setting often bulges out from the band, preventing a straight wedding band from abutting the engagement ring’s band. The contouring of curved wedding bands often need to be custom fit around the engagement ring because each diamond engagement ring setting can vary.

While there are many reasons to wear curved wedding bands, there is one big reason why you might not. If you are not prepared to wear your engagement ring every day, then the contouring will look misplaced; like an incomplete set. Some of the reasons you might not wear your engagement ring daily include people with active jobs, people who prefer a more casual look, or if a ring is a fragile antique.

There are many types of diamond curved wedding bands that vary in width, motif, and style of diamond setting. The setting styles range from prong, including common prong, to channel set. Most often, a diamond wedding band’s setting style is selected to match that of their engagement ring. However, when you are pairing a diamond curved wedding band with a solitaire ring, you can simply select whatever looks best. The motifs of these bands range from simple high polish finishes to fancy motifs, such as milgraining. It is important to note, all our curved diamond bands are set with ethically sourced diamonds that are Kimberley Process and Russian sanction compliant.

Another popular style of curved wedding bands are fine gold bands. These all-gold curved wedding bands can be simple, plain wedding bands with a high polish finish, or ornate with engravings. Our collection of curved wedding bands feature many beautiful engraved contoured wedding bands from our American made fine jewelry designer, Jabel. Jabel’s collection includes scroll and milgrain vintage style wedding bands and flower wedding bands with die struck and hand engraved details.  

As discussed, our curved wedding bands include designs from two American made fine jewelry designers, Jabel and David Connolly. Their beautiful bands are prime examples of American made fine jewelry and a testament to the growing need for green jewelry manufacturing. It all comes down to quality, which reduces replacement and repairs. First, their domestic manufacturing allows for better quality control of their jewelry. They can observe and correct any problems early in the production process, eliminating duplicate manufacturing and further consumption of natural resources. Additionally, domestic production reduces the need for overseas shipping, which consumes fossil fuels. Another benefit to offering made in America jewelry is that it supports local American communities.

If you are shopping for curved wedding bands, our online jewelry store has several beautiful American made designs. The collection includes diamond and plain yellow or white gold wedding bands. They are available in a variety of widths, setting styles, and decorative motifs. These rings can be custom contoured around your engagement ring for the perfect fit. If you would like to learn more, reach out to one of our online personal jeweler representatives.