Collection: Cultured Pearl Pendants

Let’s talk about our pearl and diamond necklaces. For millennia, pearls have been admired for their beauty and associated with wisdom and knowledge. The first written account of pearls was in 2200 B.C. by a Chinese historian. In later centuries, pearls were considered the most desirable family heirloom, passing through generations. 

Today, fine jewelry is set with cultured pearls. While the culturing process had been in existence for hundreds of years, in 1893, a Japanese innovator perfected the process and began exporting his stunning cultured pearls around the world. It is this culturing process that is used in the Akoya pearls set in our David Connolly jewelry designs.

Our American-made fine jewelry designer, David Connolly, provides all our gold pearl and diamond pendants, as well as simple pearl designs without diamonds. The pearl pendant gold colors include 14K yellow, white, and rose gold and can be custom ordered in any of these metals. If you do not see your preferred gold color offered in a design, simply reach out to one of Bella’s personal online jeweler experts. We believe that in addition to offering beautiful classic jewelry designs, David Connolly’s commitment to being a made-in-America jewelry designer helps reduce our carbon footprint, have a higher quality product, and ensure that ethical standards are maintained during the manufacturing process.

What makes Akoya cultured pearls special? The biggest advantage of the culturing process is consistency. Culturing makes pearls that are consistent in round symmetry. Culturing pearls also creates a more pristine color with white luster. Luster is the soft glow-like sheen that allows light to dance around the partially reflective surface of the pearl. When manufacturing jewelry, expert stone buyers must pay close attention not only to matching size but also to matching pearls of similar luster when creating the pearl pendant necklaces that we offer.

The diamonds set in our pearl and diamond necklaces have been carefully selected for color, cut, clarity, and consistent carat weight. These ethically sourced diamonds are conflict-free and compliant with the Kimberley Process. You can be confident and have peace of mind buying any of our pearl and diamond necklaces.  

In addition to diamond accents, several of our designs can be set with precious gemstone accents. These stones include emerald, ruby, or blue sapphire; tanzanite and pink sapphire may also be available upon request. Customizing jewelry at Bella’s is different from most online jewelry stores. We believe that shopping for jewelry online should give you an elevated personal online jeweler experience.

We hope you will enjoy exploring our collection of simple and fancy cultured pearl and diamond necklaces. These designs are set with hand-selected Akoya cultured pearls, matched for shape, size, and luster, in our American-made fine jewelry designer’s workshops. Remember, if you see a design and need it in another gold color, or need to swap out an emerald for a sapphire, just send an email to one of our personal online jewelers! We look forward to creating a piece of fine jewelry you will treasure for generations to come.