American Jewelry

First hand quality standards are met.

Sustainability is multifaceted.

Investing in America’s local jewelry industry

What makes Bella’s Fine Jewelry unique is our partnership with a designer that shares our ethical values, passion for jewelry, and commitment to being Made in America. Our designer, Jabel by David Connolly is committed to crafting Made in America jewelry. This commitment is crucial to ensuring quality, while also supporting a local economy, maintaining ethical work standards, and being environmentally friendly.

Quality is key! The best way to ensure quality is by being upheld is by being present in the manufacturing process. Jabel by David Connolly’s commitment to American made manufacturing allows their quality control team to observe, manage, and inspect their jewelry every step of the way. At Jabel by David Connolly, everyone from their stone buyers to setters, and polishers to inventory managers is required to perform quality control inspections. Careful monitoring is carried out in each of their respective departments. This ensures that they are truly meeting all their quality standards.

Jabel by David Connolly’s made in America commitment allows Bella’s shoppers to support a local economy while ensuring ethically sound labor practices are being achieved. When a piece of jewelry is ordered, it is being crafted in an ethically sound work environment that meets OSHA standards. These standards likely do not exist overseas. Likewise, the purchase goes to a local New Jersey based company. In turn, each of its employees can invest back into their home communities.