Collection: Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone jewelry designs hold significant meaning, symbolizing one’s past, present, and future. It is an ideal design for engagement rings, to symbolize the enduring nature of love. Bella’s collection of three-stone engagement rings include vintage and classic engagement rings. Our online jewelry store is filled with beautiful and customizable designs that are most often shown with round brilliant diamonds. However, most designs can also be set with princess, cushion, oval, and other popular fancy-cut diamonds in a variety of sizes, setting styles, and precious metals. Bella’s personal online jeweler representatives are available to discuss the details of your ring; including earth-grown diamonds, lab-created diamonds, and gemstones.

Our three-stone engagement rings are from American-made fine jewelry designers, David Connolly and Jabel. These designers share a passion for ethically crafted fine jewelry. They keep green jewelry manufacturing, supporting local economies, and using ethically sourced diamonds at the forefront of their business.

David Connolly and Jabel’s green jewelry manufacturing begins and ends with quality. Their commitment to domestic production gives them the ability to monitor quality control first-hand. This allows them to identify flaws and defects early in the production process when the problems can be remedied. Imported jewelry cannot be observed during production and any poorly made jewelry will require replacement manufacturing, doubling the consumption of natural resources. Also, domestically produced jewelry eliminates the need for overseas shipping which consumes fossil fuels. Finally, higher-quality heirloom jewelry lasts longer and can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

It is also important to recognize that American-made fine jewelry ensures ethical work standards for craftspeople, stone buyers, and administrative staff. At Bella’s, we are only able to bring this jewelry to our online jewelry store because of these valuable people. Additionally, supporting domestic production helps support the local communities where these workers reside.

Our global responsibility to provide shoppers with ethical stone options includes offering earth-grown diamonds, lab-created diamonds, and gemstone alternatives. Our earth-grown, ethically sourced diamonds are Kimberley Process compliant and adhere to Russian sanctions. Our lab-created diamonds are purchased through reputable dealers. Finally, our gemstones are sourced through respected gem suppliers.

Today, precious gemstones are increasingly popular as some couples move away from traditional wedding standards. All of our three-stone engagement rings can be set with emeralds, rubies, or sapphires. These precious gemstones are hand selected for quality and consistency in color, cut, clarity, and precise calibration. The most popular gemstone engagement rings are sapphire, ruby, or emeralds. 

The majority of our three-stone engagement ring styles tend to be simple engagement rings. This is because three-stone rings can be very imposing and do not need a lot of embellishments to make them pop. Our three-stone simple engagement rings are more than meets the eye. For example, our Jabel ring designs are often die-struck and have excellent quality. Die striking is a unique process of jewelry making, where carefully alloyed precious metals are rolled to thin sheets that are placed in antique presses. The presses strike the metal repeatedly with immense force, compressing the precious metal into the shape of the die. This process produces a highly dense piece of metal that is substantially stronger and of heirloom quality.

Bella’s bridal collection would not be complete without some beautiful and ornate vintage-style engagement rings. These designs are new engagement rings that use antique detailing to give a vintage effect. The most popular motifs include engraved flower and milgrain details (also called beading or coin edge), hand-engraved wheat patterns, and fishtail prongs. It is these details that turn ordinary diamond mountings into vintage works of art.

Our made-in-America jewelry collection of three-stone engagement rings is a beautiful and symbolic ensemble of designs. The collection includes vintage and classic engagement rings in 14K, 18K, and platinum. When you're ready, our personal online jeweler representatives are here to get you started designing your perfect ring.