Collection: Jabel Wedding Bands

We are delighted to offer Jabel’s collection of heirloom quality platinum and gold wedding bands. This diverse assortment of rings include vintage, unique, and timeless plain wedding bands. The designs are crafted using several creative methods of jewelry making, including die striking and hand engraving to create both straight stackable wedding bands and curved wedding bands.

Few people understand what we are referring to when we talk about Jabel’s die struck heirloom quality. To understand, you need to journey back to 1916 when Jabel’s founder J.J. Abelson opened the Jabel Ring Manufacturing Company. At the time, die striking was a popular method of jewelry making where machine presses formed and cut jewelry. However, most die struck ring manufacturers were producing low quality rings, with hollow bands struck front to back which required soldering the entire circumference. Mr. Abelson knew that the hollow centers and solder points weaken rings and he wanted to fix this. To correct the problems, he die struck his bands as a full or half shank laid out in a strip. His jewelers would round the strips up into the shape of a band, requiring only one to two solder points. Additionally, he carefully blended his precious metal alloys, using heating to keep the metal malleable while rolling the bars into sheets of exact widths. The heating kept the metal flexible, eliminating breakage and brittleness. Furthermore, his method allowed him to strike solid pieces of metal for the band. It also allowed him to compress the metal into the desired shape of the die, compacting the metal into a denser piece of precious metal jewelry.  

Jabel continues to carry on the long-lost tradition of hand engraving. Their hand engravers use rudimentary tools to carve out intricate details using strict hand-eye coordination; there are no computer automations used in this process. Jabel’s hand engraved, all gold and diamond wedding bands include ornate wheat designs and unique flower wedding rings. The flower designs are two-tone die struck gold rings with 14K pink gold rose pieces and 14K green gold leaf pieces. The rings are hand assembled into a garland of richly colored gold flowers. These floral designs use additional hand engraved details to bring out the design’s three-dimensional characteristics.

Another unique offering in the Jabel collection are their gemstone wedding bands. Most of Jabel’s diamond bands can be set with gemstones to create emerald, ruby, or sapphire wedding bands. The most popular gemstone wedding bands are the anniversary bands, which have gemstone alternating with diamonds in a sleek channel setting. These rings come as 14K or 18K yellow or white gold wedding bands. All their gemstones are sourced through a careful network of dealers and are hand selected and matched to ensure consistency in color, clarity, cut, and ideal calibrated sizes.

Additionally, Jabel uses only ethically sourced diamonds. Their diamonds are compliant with the Kimberley Process and Russian sanctions. At Bella’s, we want you to look and feel good when you buy from our online jewelry store, and Jabel makes that happen.

At Bella’s we value Jabel’s commitment to being an American made fine jewelry designer. Not only does this support local economies, but it helps move the industry towards green jewelry manufacturing. Helping the environment comes down to making smart choices that ensure quality and minimize consumption of natural resources. Jabel’s domestic production allows them to monitor quality throughout the manufacturing process; catching and correcting errors early. This eliminates the need for duplicate replacement manufacturing, which is a drain on natural resources. Also, domestic production eliminates the need for overseas shipping, which consumes fossil fuels.

Jabel’s collection of heirloom quality wedding bands has many great options for couples wedding bands. The seamless, all gold bands are gender neutral and look great on anyone. The scroll and millgrain collection are available in an array of designs including straight stackable wedding bands, curved wedding bands, diamond bands, and broad two-tone men’s gold bands. The variety of Jabel’s couples wedding bands allows you to curate your own definition of matching wedding bands.

We invite you to explore our online jewelry store and the Jabel heirloom quality collection of platinum and gold wedding bands that are featured. There is truly something for everyone and many can be customized. To learn more, reach out to one of our personal online jeweler representatives.