Collection: Stackable Rings

One, two, or three gold stackable rings! Nothing says luxury like a curated stack of diamond and gold stackable ring designs. Our collection has a broad range of designs, from simple gold bands to glamorous, intricate, stackable diamond rings. Most designs are available in 14K yellow, white, and rose gold, giving you the option to add contrast with your metal colors. However, if the band you want is not available in your ideal gold color, our Bella’s personal online jeweler representatives are here to assist you in customizing rings to your specification. Also, our representatives can assist you in swapping out emeralds, rubies, or sapphires in almost any of our designs.

Our ring designers, Jabel and David Connolly, are all crafted using ethically sourced diamonds that are conflict-free and compliant with all Russian sanctions. Our designers have provided a pledge, documenting their participation in the Kimberley Process which ensures diamonds are ethically sourced, keeping profits out of the hands of those who wish to do others harm. The Kimberley Process also ensures ethical work standards are maintained in participating diamond mines.

Our designers, Jabel and David Connolly, are all American-made fine jewelry manufacturers with a passion for green jewelry manufacturing. In addition to supporting local American economies, crafting their jewelry in-house allows for meticulous quality control standards. This ensures that our planet’s vital natural resources are respected, spotting any errors or flaws early in the production process where they can be remedied immediately. This means less repetitive production for replacement jewelry. Also, being a made-in-America jewelry company greatly reduces the use of fossil fuels from overseas shipping.

Jabel’s collection of gold stackable ring designs includes vintage, floral, ring guards, and classic gold bands. The vintage gold band’s most popular design is a straight band with an engraved scrolling design and a milgrain, or coin edge. Jabel’s most popular floral gold stackable ring design is the Carved two-tone rose and leaf pink and green gold band. The ring is crafted using Jabel’s die-struck technique, with each rose and leaf individually die-struck, then hand assembled and engraved to bring out the sculpted qualities of the ring. Jabel’s all-gold milgrain ring guards are a thin set of gold bands that add a pop of contrast and color to a set of stackable gold rings. For a bolder all-gold look, Jabel’s classic high polish all-gold seamless band is perfect for adding contrast as it comes in widths ranging from 1.5MM to over 6MM wide.

David Connolly’s collection of stackable gold ring designs is embellished with brilliant diamonds and richly colored precious gemstones. The stackable rings range from simple to ornate designs, including vintage, textured, and modern designs. In addition to beautiful diamonds, many of the designs can also be set with emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

Bella’s collection of stackable gold rings has all the designs you are looking for to create a curated original look.  Explore our richly colored gemstone designs. Indulge in our intricate vintage and floral gold bands. Dazzle in our extraordinary ethically-sourced diamond bands. Our personal online jewelers look forward to assisting you to create a look that’s as beautiful and unique as yours.