January Birthstone Garnet: Science, Lore, & Beautiful Jewelry


January Birthstone Garnet, What is the January birthstone, what birthstone is garnet

If you were born in January, Garnet is your birthstone. 

This richly colored stone is not only popular as the January birthstone, but it's rich color has been captivating rock hounds, gem fanatics, and jewelry lovers for ages. 

But, did you know that while it comes in a variety of colors?  The most common is a  a red stone with slightly more of a yellowish hue than ruby.  Other colors include green Tsavorites, orange Spessartite, purple 'grape' garnet, and raspberry hued Rhodolite.

In addition to being a birthstone, Garnet is also the stone for 2nd wedding anniversaries.  Plus, the garnet symbolizes energy, passion, and health.  

January Birthstone Garnet, What is the January Birthstone, What birthstone is Garnet

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