Collection: Jabel Bracelets

At Bella’s, we love bangles, especially stackable bangles! Not only does it acknowledge the stackable jewelry trend, but it does so in a way that allows you to mix and match your gold colors for a two-tone bracelet look. You can also add a splash of color with emeralds, rubies, or sapphires for that gemstone bracelet look.

Bangle bracelets differ from tennis bracelets because of their rigid and hoop-like shape. The inflexible nature of the form makes bangles ideal for stacking bracelets as they will not get entangled like a flexible straight bracelet. The vast array of customizable design options gives you the freedom to create a bangle stack that is uniquely your own. Should you see a bangle and need it in another gold color or as a solid color in place of a two-tone bracelet, reach out to your personal online jeweler here at Bella’s and get started on your customized design.

Today’s shoppers aren’t the first person to fall in love with wearing bangle stacking bracelets. Throughout history, women have been wearing bangle bracelets as a symbol of social status, fashion, and religious dedication. Archaeologists have uncovered wood, stone, metal, and gold bangle bracelets in ancient Chinese, Mayan, Incan, Egyptian, Sumerian, Greek, and Roman dig sites. It is no wonder why bangles continue to be a favorite of jewelry enthusiasts, especially with the rising trend for stackable bracelets and jewelry.

At Bella’s, our collection of bangle bracelets includes gold bangle bracelets, such as Jabel’s two-tone bracelet designs. It also includes diamond and gemstone bracelet designs from David Connolly. Their designs look amazing both individually and as stacking bracelets.

It is our commitment to offering American-made fine jewelry that makes Jabel and David Connolly so appealing. In addition to having beautiful, elegant, and classic bangle designs that will withstand the test of time, they have all the benefits of being made in American jewelry with all the perks of green jewelry manufacturing. First, American-made fine jewelry allows for first-hand quality control. Any flaw or blemish in the jewelry can be spotted early on, corrected, or replaced; well before completion. Jewelry that is produced without these tight quality standards will need to be replaced. Redundant jewelry manufacturing can lead to wasted materials and duplicate fossil fuel consumption during the manufacturing process. Second, American-made jewelry reduces the jewelry’s carbon footprint by eliminating overseas shipping and its excessive consumption of fossil fuels while also supporting a local economy. 

In addition to their commitment to green jewelry manufacturing, both Jabel and David Connolly use ethically sourced diamonds that are Kimberley Process compliant. Their compliance ensures that each diamond is conflict-free, keeping profits out of the hands of those who wish others harm. It also ensures that fair labor standards are maintained in the mines where the diamonds are found.  

One of our favorite bangle designs is from Jabel. Jabel’s unique pink and green gold bangle bracelets have a unique rose and leaf design. During the die-striking manufacturing process, Jabel carefully alloys the different gold metals to create rich colors. The gold bars are heated and rolled, thinning them to the proper thickness. Next, they are then die-struck, using immense pressure to compress the gold into the shape of the die. The result is a three-dimensional, heirloom-quality, highly dense piece of gold jewelry. Jabel’s floral rose bangle stackable bracelets are made by hand-assembling roses and leafs by a team of expert jewelers. Once the bracelet is assembled, skilled hand engravers add subtle details to bring out the sculpted quality of the design.

Our David Connolly collection offers timeless diamond bracelets for women and their bangle bracelets are lovely! The collection includes textured stackable bracelets, three-stone designs, and simple diamond bangles. These classic styles will look just as beautiful today as they will in years to come.

Our collection of bangle bracelets is sure to delight you! Jabel’s rose and leaf bangles in 14K pink and green gold are a romantic garland of golden flowers. David Connolly’s classic designs are universally appealing and will go with any jewelry ensemble. These bracelets can be worn on their or as a set of stackable bracelets. If you have any questions or would like to explore customizing a bangle, simply reach out to Bella’s team of personal online jeweler representatives today.