March Birthstone Aquamarine: Science, Lore, & Beautiful Jewelry


What is the March Birthstone, What Birthstone is Aquamarine, March Birthstone Jewelry, Aquamarine Birthstone Jewelry, Aquamarine symbolism, unique birthstone jewelry If you were born in March, your birthstone is Aquamarine.

A truly beautiful stone, aquamarine is one of the most beloved gemstones today and the birthstone for March!  From its enchanting blue color, to its rich history in legend and lore, aquamarine is always a top choice for jewelry shoppers!  Plus, it is also the 19th wedding anniversary gift!

Named for its water-like blue color, it is no wonder this stone is associated with tranquility.  Sailors believed it would make seas calm and safe.  Others believe it wearing it will bring a sense of peace to their relationships, and some even believe that it will improve your overall well being.  

An interesting piece of gemology trivia, Aquamarine is a Beryl.  That puts it in the same family as Emeralds!  Do you love Aquamarine?

What is the March Birthstone, What Birthstone is Aquamarine, Unique Birthstone Jewelry

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