Collection: Cultured Pearl Earrings

Bella’s has a timeless collection of Akoya cultured pearl earrings from our made in America jewelry designer, David Connolly. The collection focuses on simple pearl earrings with or without diamond and precious gemstone accents in 14K gold. Additionally, the collection features both pearl stud earrings and dangle drop earrings. The pearls and accent stones are all hand selected by expert stone buyers to ensure quality and consistency. 

Our Akoya cultured pearl earrings are designed and manufactured by David Connolly. David is committed to being a made in America jewelry designer. He believes in providing exceptional quality jewelry with an emphasis on green jewelry manufacturing. The key to accomplishing this is meticulous first-hand quality control. Tight quality control standards allow for flaws to be identified and corrected early in the production process. Imported finished jewelry cannot identify flaws until the jewelry is received and may require duplicate manufacturing, which uses excessive natural resources. Importing jewelry also requires overseas shipping which consumes fossil fuels. Plus, domestic production helps support local American communities.

Several of our cultured pearl earrings are set with ethically sourced diamonds. The diamonds are compliant with the Kimberley Process and Russian diamond sanctions. This ensures that diamond profits stay out of the hands of those who wish others harm. Also, the Kimberley Process ensures ethical work standards are maintained in diamond mines. 

All the pearls, diamonds, and gemstones in our collection of cultured pearl earrings are hand selected by expert stone buyers. Each stone is assessed for consistent quality in color, cut, clarity, diamond carat size, pearl symmetry, and proper gemstone calibration. This guarantees that both earring sides are matched.

Our classic cultured pearl earrings are set with Akoya cultured pearls in 14K gold. Pearls have a variety of meanings and make excellent gifts. First, let us learn how pearls are formed, what they symbolize, and when you should give pearls as gifts.

How are pearls formed?

Every pearl begins by placing a tiny bead of mother of pearl, or nacreous shell, inside a fresh or saltwater mollusk. Saltwater oysters make Akoya cultured pearls. Fresh water mussels create freshwater cultured pearls. Overtime, the mollusk's secretions coat and harden around the bead, forming a pearl. Culturing mimics the natural way pearls are formed in a controlled environment that ensures a consistent product quality and quantity that is more beautiful in shape and luster.

What do pearls symbolize?

Throughout history, pearls have had significant meaning, their symbolism varying by geographic location, culture, and time period. The world’s earliest documented historical writing of pearls took place in China during the year 2206 B.C. They have been mentioned in the Bible, cultured pearl earrings worn by Cleopatra, Ann Bolin, and Queen Elizabeth, and mentioned in famous literary work by authors John Steinbeck and Scott O’Dell. Symbolically, pearls are most associated with wisdom, wealth, success, and purity. 

Are cultured pearls a birthstone?

Yes, pearls are worn as June’s birthstone earrings! However, there are many other occasions that pearls may be gifted. Pearls are given on the 3rd and 30th wedding anniversaries. Also, they are one of the most timeless gifts for celebrating milestones. Many people will give pearl stud earrings for graduation, birthday, or wedding gifts. Simply, pearls are universally beautiful and meaningful.

Our American made fine jewelry collection of simple cultured pearl earrings offer several traditional designs in 14K gold. The collection includes pearl stud earrings and dangle drop earrings. All the pearls and accent stones are hand selected by expert stone buyers, in accordance with ethical standards such as the Kimberley Process, a program designed to ensure a path for conflict free, ethically sourced diamonds in the jewelry industry.

We look forward to you exploring our collection and our personal online jeweler representatives are ready to help customize any of these designs to your exact specifications.