November Birthstone: Citrine


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If you were born in November, your birthstone is Citrine.

Citrine is the 'new' November birthstone! We say 'new' because royal topaz was once the only birthstone for November.  However, due to the high price tag of royal topaz, and the similar color to Citrine, jewelry designers felt this would be a wonderful alternative.  Today, it has been overwhelming embraced that Citrine is the go-to November birthstone.

What is most striking is the vibrant color and energy give you feel from this mineral.  In fact, its nick name is the "success stone." Citirne is also a member of the Quartz family, along with Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and many more.  When a stone contains Amethyst on one side and Citrine on the other it is an Ametrine.

Fun fact, Citrine is also considered the 13th wedding anniversary gemstone!  Would you like your very own unique piece of Citrine jewelry? 

What is the November Birthstone, What birthstone is Citrine, Unique birthstone

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