Collection: Gemstone Engagement Rings

Engagement ring styles do not have to be set with diamonds. There is a growing desire to use gemstone rings as alternative engagement rings to circumvent ethical and environmental concerns regarding earth-grown and lab-created diamonds. These unique gemstone engagement rings are most often set with precious gemstones, the most popular being sapphire and diamond engagement rings. However, emeralds and rubies are another great option.

Many people do not realize that all of our three stone, solitaire, and diamond mountings can become precious gemstone engagement rings. Simply, we set a gemstone in place of a diamond center. The benefit to using traditional engagement rings, over gemstone fashion rings, are these rings are meant to be worn on daily, not just special occasions. Our mountings are often heavier designs that feature die-struck settings to hold the center stone.

What is die striking and how does it affect my engagement ring? Die striking is both a laborious and superior method of jewelry making. It begins by carefully alloying, or blending precious metals and cooling them in bars. Next, the metal bars are rolled into sheets that are placed in antique presses. An immense amount of pressure repeatedly strikes the sheet in the press, compressing the metal into the shape of the die. The result is a highly dense piece of metal which is substantially stronger than similar jewelry, resulting in an heirloom quality product.

If you still prefer a diamond center stone, but want a splash of color in your ring, we can do that too!  Many couples choose to replace the side stones in our three-stone rings with precious gemstones. Rings with round or baguette side stones are the most popular for this type of modification; with sapphire and diamond engagement rings being the most common.

If you need more options, Bella’s full collection of gemstone rings can become unique gemstone engagement rings. The ring collection features semi-precious, pearl, and precious gemstone ring designs. There are many styles to choose from, giving you a great deal of flexibility in styling, metal, and minerals. We have provided you with some of our favorite designs on this page. If you would like to learn more, simply reach out to one of our online personal jewelers to learn more and explore your options.

It is important to note that all our rings are from American-made fine jewelry designers, Jabel and David Connolly. They have chosen to manufacture their jewelry in the United States for a few reasons. First, their ability to monitor quality firsthand, allows them to work towards green jewelry manufacturing. Any flaws can be remedied early in the production process, eliminating the need for duplicate manufacturing, which uses excessive natural resources. Second, reducing the use of overseas shipping means fewer fossil fuels are consumed. Third, domestic manufacturing helps support local American communities.  

Finally, it is important to note that we only use ethically sourced diamonds in our rings. The diamonds are compliant with the Kimberley Process and all Russian diamond sanctions. These stones are used in all our traditional, modern, vintage, and alternative engagement rings.

We know you will enjoy exploring our online jewelry store collection of unique gemstone engagement rings. Our designs are carefully created by American-made fine jewelry designers and set with ethically sourced diamonds and hand-selected gemstones. These rings will have you looking and feeling good. To learn more about the collection, reach out to one of our personal online jeweler representatives.