Collection: Jabel Rings

It is our greatest pleasure to bring you Jabel’s collection of heirloom quality rings. Jabel was founded in 1916 with the goal of bringing a better quality ring to jewelry shoppers across the United States.  

Jabel uses a unique process called die striking. Die striking uses immense pressure to compress the metal into the shape of the die.  In 1916, the process was commonly used but with very thin sheets of metal and struck as a front and back of each band, causing hollow bands, and excess solder points which are all prone to weakness and breaking. Jabel’s founder, J.J. Abelson felt he could improve the process. He perfected the alloying process of mixing the metals in his precious gold. Next, he used a series of heat ovens and rolling presses to keep the gold warm as it was rolled. He also adjusted the thickness of the metal, making it thicker, and allowing more metal to be compressed, adding to the design’s density.  Finally, he struck the entire ring’s band and had his jewelers round up the bands, dramatically eliminating the need for solder points along the band.  The result was a solid, dense, heirloom quality band for his rings. 

Later in Jabel’s history, with the rise in popularity of diamond cluster rings, Jabel’s tool and die makers once again set out to improve the design. First, they engineered the die to exact proportions; within one thousandth of a millimeter. Next, they used a dome setting in their design. The doming allowed the stones to be nestled closer together, reducing the number of dead spots from excessive prongs. Also, the doming allowed light to pass more naturally and efficiently through each stone, bringing out the inherent brilliance in each diamond. Jabel’s diamond cluster diamond fashion rings became the go to designs for right hand diamond rings.

Jabel’s heirloom quality and their commitment to being an American made fine jewelry designer and manufacturer makes it one of the original green jewelry manufacturing companies. No greenwashing here; quality means less waste. From the start, Jabel has always been dedicated to making one-purchase jewelry; jewelry that is made to last for generations to come. Likewise, Jabel offers made in America jewelry which gives them full control over quality standards. Strict quality standards allow Jabel to catch flaws and problems early in the manufacturing process rather than finding them after completion and importing, which requires duplicate use of natural resources and additional overseas shipping, which uses excessive fossil fuel.

Additionally, Jabel offers peace of mind with their commitment to ethically sourced diamonds that are compliant with the Kimberley Process and compliant with Russian sanctions. Each diamond is hand selected by Jabel’s team of expert buyers for consistent color, cut, clarity, and carat size.  This ensures consistency when the diamonds are set together in any of their diamond bands and diamond cluster rings.

Some of our favorite of Jabel's fine diamond fashion rings are the vintage style two tone designs. These include intricate diamond cluster rings and floral two-tone diamond rings. Each intricate design has vintage inspired motifs and is available in an array of lavish gold colors including 14K yellow, white, green, and rose gold. 

Explore our collection of Jabel’s diamond fashion rings including diamond cluster rings, vintage style right hand diamond rings, elegant stackable diamond rings, and all gold stackable ring designs. These rings are American made with exceptional quality and set with hand selected ethically sourced diamonds. Also, our personal online jeweler representatives are ready to discuss how we have customized rings in the past and what we can do for you to bring your perfect ring to life!