Collection: Hoop Earrings

One type of jewelry that can take your style from day to night are hoop earrings with stones. These include diamond hoop earrings small or large, and diamonds alternating with emerald, ruby, or sapphire hoop earrings. These earrings look professional and stylish during the workday, they add a splash of sparkle to your casual weekend look, and when paired with formal evening wear, add a touch of luxury.   

When you buy diamond hoop earrings from Bella’s online jewelry store, you can trust in our quality, craftsmanship, and dedication to green jewelry manufacturing and ethically sourced diamonds. Our jewelry will make you look and feel good. 

Why buy American made fine jewelry? We believe that buying made in America jewelry is key to green jewelry manufacturing. It all comes down to quality. Our designers, David Connolly and Jabel, make their jewelry in their American workshops. This allows them to monitor quality control first hand, identifying flaws early in the process before completion. Often, the quality of jewelry that is made overseas cannot be quality controlled or even assessed until it is imported, meaning some jewelry will need to be remade. This puts a strain on our natural resources. Also, domestic production eliminates overseas shipping and lessens consumption of fossil fuels.

We are also committed to using ethically sourced diamonds in our jewelry. These diamonds are compliant with the Kimberley Process and Russian diamond sanctions. This keeps profits out of the hands of those who wish others harm, as well as ensuring ethical work standards are maintained in diamond mines.

Our hoop earrings with stones are set with hand selected and matched diamonds and gemstones. Strict attention to a stone’s color, cut, and clarity is vital to offering beautiful earrings.  Our gemstones are also selected for their calibration, ensuring their cut dimensions are ideal for jewelry settings. Likewise, our diamonds are also selected for consistent carat weight. Our most popular diamond and sapphire hoop earrings are exceptional!

In addition to traditional women's diamond hoop earrings, our collection includes J-hook earrings. These semi-hoop earrings look like hoops with an open design that is mounted on a prong setting and are available with or without stones. One of the most popular J-Hook styles are Jabel’s pink and green gold flower earrings. These designs are crafted with die struck rose and leaf pieces, meticulously assembled to create a garland of flowers. Additional details are added by Jabel’s hand engravers to enhance the dimensional details in the design. Our collection also includes a precious and semi-precious oval gemstone design that is mounted on a diamond J-hook.

Bella’s collection of hoop earrings is perfect for work or play, casual or formal, diamonds or gemstones. These American made fine jewelry designs are set with ethically sourced diamonds and hand selected stones.  They are crafted with exceptional quality control to reduce waste of natural resources; available in 14K yellow, white, and rose gold, with special order in 18K and platinum. To customize your design, reach out to Bella’s team of personal online jeweler associates today.