Collection: Unique Engagement Rings

As an alternative to engagement rings, our unique ring designs are giving shoppers greater freedom to find an engagement ring that suits their personality, budget, and sense of global responsibility. These engagement ring styles include gemstones, remount, and diamond cluster engagement rings. 

Global responsibility is one of many reasons to select alternative engagement rings. While we offer Kimberley Process and Russian sanction-compliant earth-grown diamonds, along with lab-grown diamonds from responsible vendors, some couples prefer to skip diamonds altogether and opt for gemstones. The most popular are sapphire and diamond engagement rings, with rubies and emeralds as another great alternative.

Another reason for alternative engagement rings is budget. Your engagement ring budget goes much further with gemstones, diamond clusters, or recycling family stones into a remount ring than it does with traditional engagement rings. These designs give shoppers beautiful and price-friendly engagement ring options.

Style is another reason why couples shop for alternative engagement rings. Long gone are the days of tradition dictating choice. Today, couples can explore a wide range of engagement ring styles that veer away from traditional styling. When couples find rings that suit their personality, it does not matter if they are traditional or unique engagement rings. 

Diamond clusters are excellent unique diamond engagement rings. Historically, diamond cluster engagement rings were invented as an alternative to diamond solitaires. The grouping of smaller diamonds in the footprint of a round or oval silhouette allows shoppers to use more affordable diamonds while still achieving the size and look of a single-stone setting. Our collection of Jabel diamond cluster engagement rings honors that history, while offering an heirloom quality alternative to other diamond cluster settings through their unique die-struck and domed setting.

Die striking is a long-lost method of making fine jewelry. The process is time-consuming and laborious, but produces an heirloom-quality piece of jewelry that is unsurpassed. Die striking begins by carefully alloying or blending precious metals. The metal is poured into bars that are rolled into sheets, using heat throughout the process to keep the metal malleable. When the desired thickness is achieved, the sheet is placed in an antique machine press, where immense tons of pressure repeatedly strike the metal, condensing the gold or platinum into the shape of the die. This produces an exceptionally strong, resilient, and heirloom-quality piece of jewelry.

Jabel’s diamond cluster engagement rings are also set in a domed pattern. The doming was engineered by Jabel’s tool and die makers many decades ago to produce a better product. Previously, diamond clusters were set flat and required many prongs, which created dead spots in the ring’s luster. Also, the flat setting prevented light from naturally passing through the diamonds. Jabel’s domed settings corrected this problem. The doming allowed the diamonds to be nestled closer together, eliminating many of the prongs and allowed light to naturally pass through the stones, illuminating their brilliance. Jabel’s diamond cluster engagement rings are engineered for beauty! 

Couples interested in green jewelry manufacturing will love the Jabel collection. In addition to being a made-in-America jewelry designer and all the environmental benefits that brings, they offer remount rings. Remounted rings allow you to recycle your family diamonds and gemstones into a custom ring setting. To get started, reach out to one of our personal online jeweler representatives and begin exploring Jabel’s designs. 

There is a connection between our American-made fine jewelry and our desire to offer green jewelry manufacturing. First, in-house manufacturing allows our designers to monitor quality firsthand. This gives them the opportunity to identify flaws early in the production process and remedy them before they are completed. This eliminates the need for duplicate manufacturing and reduces use of natural resources. Second, there is a reduction in the use of fossil fuels by eliminating overseas shipping. Finally, our designer’s domestic crafted jewelry supports local American communities.  

At Bella’s, we think you should look and feel good wearing our engagement rings. We know you will enjoy exploring our online jewelry store and its collection of engagement ring styles that are perfect for any number of unique engagement rings. To get started, reach out to one of our personal online jeweler representatives.