Collection: Precious Gemstone Rings

We love the rich and decadent color of precious gemstones. Our collection of made-in-America jewelry includes a variety of ring designs set with these beautiful stones in round and oval shapes. Our precious stones include emeralds, rubies, and sapphire, with our settings available in 14K yellow, white, and rose gold. Our collection is the perfect source for your emerald, ruby, and blue sapphire diamond ring designs.

What differentiates precious stone from semi-precious stone rings is most often the weight of the setting and the overall diamond total weight. Precious stones fetch a higher price; therefore, a more substantial setting is necessary to protect the stone. Likewise, diamonds add to the overall value of a piece of jewelry and tend to require a more expensive gemstone to validate the higher price tag.

Our precious gemstones are hand selected by expert stone buyers at David Connolly and Jabel.  Each stone is inspected for color, cut, clarity, and consistent calibration, which affects the shape of the stone. Stones are then custom matched to ensure the stone used in multi-stone rings, and jewelry sets all use gemstones of equal color, cut, clarity, and size.

What we love most about our designers, David Connolly and Jabel, is that they are American-made fine jewelry companies. In addition to supporting a local economy, we believe that green jewelry manufacturing starts with a lower carbon footprint and respect for our natural resources. Our designers manufacture domestically, eliminating the need for overseas shipping, which uses excessive fossil fuels. It also allows them to monitor quality firsthand, correcting any blemishes or problems early in the production process. This ensures the jewelry is made right the first time, whereas overseas-produced jewelry cannot be inspected until it's shipped and received, meaning the jewelry may need duplicate production and repeated overseas shipping.

In addition to green jewelry manufacturing, we also prefer to work with David Connolly and Jabel because of their dedication to ethically sourced diamonds. The diamonds set in their rings are all Kimberley Process compliant and adhere to current United States Russian sanctions. This ensures that diamond profits stay out of the hands of those who wish others harm. Additionally, the Kimberley Process ensures ethical work standards are met in the diamond mines.

If you love the vibrant green hue of emeralds, then you must see our collection of precious stone rings, including classic, stylized, and modern designs. While emerald is associated with life, rejuvenation, and prosperity, it is also the May birthstone. Many people do not realize that emeralds are naturally flawed stones, making them difficult stones to buy and match. Our emerald designs are crafted by David Connolly’s team of expert stone buyers and craftspeople. David’s expert buyers know exactly how to select stones with minimal natural inclusions for maximum beauty. Likewise, his craftspeople are highly trained in setting, polishing, and cleaning these stones. Therefore, if you want an exceptional emerald or emerald diamond ring, be sure to explore our collection of David Connolly’s precious stone rings.

Ruby is more than the July birthstone. It is a symbol of passion, love, and romance. Its deep vibrant red color is complemented with hues of purple. If you are looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day or an anniversary gift, a ruby or ruby diamond ring is the perfect gift to say “I love you.”

Sapphire is the most beloved of all our precious stone rings. It is the September birthstone and symbolizes truth and loyalty. Sapphires come in several colors, including its iconic rich blue color, along with yellow, purple, white, and pink. While we most often feature our sapphire rings in blue, our personal online jeweler representatives can discuss pink or another specialty color using our customized ring capability. We hope you enjoy this beautiful blue stone, which makes the perfect bracelet gift for anyone celebrating a September birthday.

We look forward to you exploring our collection of American-made fine jewelry and our richly colored precious stone rings. The collection is full of vibrant green emeralds, passionate red rubies, and indulgent blue sapphires.