Collection: Bangle Bracelets

If you love fine jewelry, then our Jabel collection is for you! Jabel was first opened as a ring company in 1916, offering shoppers exceptional die struck designs. Over time, the line expanded to include earrings, pendants, and bracelets. However, Jabel became famous for their Add-A-Section collection, diamond cluster bracelets, and the Carved Collection of pink and green gold flower and leaf gold bangle bracelet designs. These designs are die struck for heirloom quality and set with hand matched ethically sourced diamonds of the highest quality.

What is die struck jewelry and how did Jabel improve it? In the early 1900’s die striking was a popular method of making fine jewelry. Gold bars were rolled to a very thin sheet of metal and then struck with immense force using tools and dies, creating parts and pieces of jewelry for assembly. Jabel’s owner, J.J. Abelson felt the process could be improved and he formulated a better alloy of gold. Next, he made sure that the gold was regularly heated during the rolling and thinning process to keep it flexible. He also instructed his company not to roll the metal as thin, allowing for more metal to be struck in the striking process. Next, instead of striking a ring’s band in several thin parts, and having excessive weak solder points, he die struck solid gold bands that his jewelers could round up with minimal soldering. These slight changes resulted in a superior quality of jewelry that was highly dense and durable. It wasn’t long before he began applying these same techniques to pendants, earrings, and bracelets; including both tennis and gold bangle bracelets.

At Bella's, our effort to bring you the finest tennis, gold, and diamond bangle bracelet designs goes beyond manufacturing. We know that ethically sourced diamonds are vital to being a responsible jeweler. Therefore, our designer, Jabel only uses Kimberley Process compliant diamonds. These stones are hand selected by their experts for color, cut, clarity, and carat. Also, all diamonds are compliant with current Russian sanctions.

It is also important to offer tennis and gold bangle bracelets crafted using green jewelry manufacturing. That is why we work with American made fine jewelry manufacturers, David Connolly and Jabel. We believe that their ability to monitor quality control first hand eliminates the need to remake poor quality jewelry, which doubles the use of fossil fuels. Likewise, domestic manufacturing eliminates the excessive fossil fuel consumption of overseas shipping. As a bonus, made in America jewelry ensures that we help support local American economies.

One of Jabel’s most famous collections is the Add-A-Section bracelets. Add-A-Section bracelets, as Jabel says, “grow more precious with time.” Every bracelet begins as a single section of brilliant diamonds set in gold. The section is centered along a gold-fill bracelet chain with a secure clasp. One by one, the gold-fill chain is replaced with additional bracelet sections of the same design. Eventually, only luxurious sections are left, giving you a complete diamond bracelet.

What we love most about offering Jabel’s Add-A-Section bracelets is the opportunity to gradually build a bracelet. Instead of a large upfront cost, these designs allow you to invest in your bracelet over time, and enjoy wearing them through every stage of completion. They also allow you to add sections to commemorate life’s milestones such as graduations, career milestones, buying a home, getting married, or starting a family. It’s an ideal bracelet gift. 

Jabel’s carved bracelets are a romantic collection and include bangle and Add-A-Section gold diamond tennis bracelet designs. Every rose and every leaf is die struck separately in pink and green gold, respectively. The pieces are hand assembled by Jabel’s expert jewelers; additional hand engraved details are applied to bring out the design’s sculpted quality. What’s more, if you love these designs, matching pendants, earrings, and rings can be added to create a bouquet suite of jewelry. Plus, the bangle bracelets add a beautiful pop of color and texture when stacking jewelry.

A conversation about Jabel’s bracelets would not be complete without discussing their diamond clusters. These designs were engineered for beauty many decades ago by Jabel’s expert tool and die makers. They carefully carved the dies used to create these amazing designs to be exact, within a one thousandth of a millimeter. The craftspeople used a domed setting to nestle the diamonds more closely together, eliminate dead spots from excess prongs, and to allow the light to pass more naturally through each diamond. It is no wonder why these diamond clusters appear in Jabel’s Add-A-Section gold diamond tennis bracelet collection.

There is so much to love about the quality, craftsmanship, and beauty in Jabel’s bracelets. We love that they are considered made in America jewelry. We adore the intricacy of their gold bangle bracelets. We swoon over their luxurious Add-A-Section gold diamond tennis bracelet designs. These are perfect if you want to indulge yourself, or as a meaningful bracelet gift to someone special. If you need help customizing any of these designs, simply reach out to our Bella’s personal online jeweler representatives and get started designing a beautiful Jabel bracelet today.