Green Jewelry Manufacturing

Climate Change

Jewelry is not often associated with climate change, but it should. By partnering with an American jewelry manufacturer, emissions are kept to a minimum. This is accomplished by finding cleaner methods of manufacturing and having less fossil fuels consumed by overseas shipping.  

Jabel by David Connolly’s made in America commitment allows Bella’s shoppers to support a local economy while ensuring ethically sound labor practices are being achieved. When a piece of jewelry is ordered, it is being crafted in an ethically sound work environment that meets OSHA standards. These standards likely do not exist overseas. Likewise, the purchase goes to a local New Jersey based company. In turn, each of its employees can invest back into their home communities.

What is die striking? Simply put, die striking is a unique process of jewelry making that uses pressure, rather than pouring to form jewelry. Die struck jewelry begins as a carefully alloyed sheet of metal that is repeatedly struck in presses with up to 50 tons of pressure over and over again. This not only forms the shape of the jewelry but does so by compressing the metal to make it very dense. This density greatly enhances the durability of the jewelry.

Ethical Manufacturing

The best way to know you are buying an ethically safe piece of jewelry is to see its production first hand. At Bella’s, our unique partnership with New Jersey based jewelry manufacturer, Jabel by David Connolly allows us to uphold these ethical stands. We are pleased to assure you that the diamonds set within their collection are both Kimberly Process compliant as well as purchased without concern for any Russian Diamond Sanctions violations. 

Likewise, as an OSHA compliant boutique manufacturing facility, we know that their craftspeople and office team are being protected, respected, and well cared for. This includes jewelry polishers, stone setters, jewelry hand engravers, and the talented stone buyers and customer service representatives that are vigilant in upholding Jabel by David Connolly’s quality standards.