Collection: Precious Gemstone Pendants

At Bella’s, an emerald, ruby, or blue sapphire pendant is just a few of the magnificent examples of precious gemstone pendants and necklaces in our collection. These designs tend to be heavier, have stronger settings, and can accommodate a higher total weight in diamonds.  Regardless of the weight, these tend to be classic designs that will withstand the test of time. 

Our partnership with American-made fine jewelry designer David Connolly ensures that our precious stone jewelry is of the highest quality. With decades of experience in the jewelry industry, David Connolly has developed relationships with the finest gemstone distributors around the world. His in-house gemstone buyers not only hand-select every stone in their inventory, but they also custom-match every precious gemstone in their matched sets. This ensures a cohesive look in every set of jewelry sold.

Let’s talk about our blue sapphire pendant collection. Why blue? Blue is the most popular color of sapphire, and therefore, it is the most common variation in the collection. However, as your personal online jeweler, we can often substitute pink sapphire upon request. Likewise, if you see an emerald or ruby pendant that you would prefer in sapphire, we can always accommodate your request. Just send us an email to get started.

Fun fact about sapphire, this September birthstone includes any color of the mineral corundum that is not red. A red corundum is a ruby. Therefore, sapphire can come in blue, pink, purple, yellow, white, etc. At Bella’s, we believe the ideal sapphire color is a medium to deep rich blue with flashes of violet. Likewise, a sapphire should be carefully faceted to allow the correct amount of light into the stone, bringing out its rich color. If you are looking for a blue sapphire pendant, our precious stone pendant collection will have an array of designs to choose from!

Now, let’s discuss our ruby pendant collection. Like sapphire, rubies are a type of corundum; however, their red coloring differentiates them from all other corundum. Rubies tend to fetch the highest price tag of all the precious colored gemstones. Their intense red color is often associated with passion and love, making a ruby pendant the perfect romantic gift. Also, ruby is the July birthstone and the gemstone gifted on the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

Finally, let’s explore Emeralds, richly colored green beryl, which hold a special place in our designer David Connolly’s collection. Decades ago, David began his career in jewelry as an emerald importer. The hunt to find the most perfect stone in this naturally flawed mineral made sourcing materials a true adventure. Today, we feature his beautiful emerald pendant designs in our collection. In addition to the designs we feature, any sapphire or ruby pendant design can be customized to an emerald, another perk of our personal online jeweler experience. 

When you are searching for the perfect blue sapphire, ruby, or emerald pendant, look no further than our precious gemstone collection. We offer the quality assurance of an American-made fine jeweler to our Bella’s shoppers. Each stone has been hand-selected by an experienced buyer and skillfully set in a quality gold setting by a team of expert jewelers. Our pendants are perfect for birthstone jewelry, anniversary or holiday gifts, or just because you deserve them!  Explore the collection today.