Collection: Tennis Bracelets

Few jewelry styles say “timeless, elegant, and stylish,” like a gold diamond tennis bracelet. Every diamond sparkles as the bracelet moves fluidly around the wrist. Regardless, if you select an all-diamond tennis bracelet or a gemstone bracelet, such as a sapphire and diamond bracelet, these designs are beautiful and will not disappoint.

An interesting fact, what we call a gold diamond tennis bracelet today, first came into fashion in the 1920s and was known as a diamond line bracelet. It wasn’t until 1987, during the U.S. Open Tennis Championship, when tennis player Chris Evert’s diamond line bracelet famously came loose and flew off her wrist in the middle of a match. From that day forward, the design was called a “tennis bracelet.”

Today, our tennis bracelets come in an array of designs. Our featured collections come from American-made fine jewelry designers and manufacturers, Jabel and David Connolly. The David Connolly collection offers 14K diamond tennis bracelets in classic, modern, and vintage styles. David’s collection also offers customization with precious gemstones to create emerald, ruby, or sapphire and diamond bracelet designs. Jabel’s collection consists of concept bracelets in the Add-A-Section bracelet collection. These Jabel bracelets allow you to build your tennis bracelet over time, purchasing one decorative section at a time. Each section is a small investment into your full bracelet.

In addition to beautiful designs, we choose to work with made-in-America jewelry designers because it provides an added measure of confidence and supports green jewelry manufacturing. First, this allows our designers to monitor quality control firsthand. Any errors or problems with quality can be remedied immediately. Poorly made jewelry is not good for the environment as it will need to be replaced, doubling the use of natural resources to make the jewelry. Second, offering made-in-America jewelry in our online store allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating the fossil fuels associated with overseas shipping. Finally, buying made-in-America jewelry supports local economies and the people who live in them.

Diamonds are another important reason we use David Connolly and Jabel’s gold diamond tennis bracelets in our online jewelry store. They pledge to provide conflict-free diamonds in all their jewelry. This is achieved by participating in the Kimberley Process that ensures every diamond set in their jewelry is conflict-free. It also ensures that proper work standards are upheld in the mining of diamonds.

Our ethically sourced diamonds aren’t the only star of the show. We offer beautiful precious gemstones and tennis bracelets. These include emerald, ruby, sapphire, and diamond bracelet designs. Each stone is hand selected to ensure consistency in color, cut, clarity, and calibrated size.

If you are looking for the perfect bracelet gift idea, Jabel’s Add-A-Section diamond bracelets are perfect! These bracelets begin as a single section of ornate diamonds and gold suspended along a gold-fill bracelet chain. With each passing milestone, another section of the bracelet is added, and a portion of the gold fill is removed. Over time the bracelet grows to a full gold diamond tennis bracelet that is full of memories and entirely replaces any trace of the original gold fill bracelet. This collection is also perfect for anyone who wants to buy themselves a diamond bracelet but struggles with the upfront cost. You can continue to wear the bracelet as it grows over time.

There are endless reasons to explore our collection of gold diamond tennis bracelet designs; They make excellent gifts for someone special or as an indulgence for yourself. They are made with green jewelry manufacturing in mind in our designer’s American-made fine jewelry workshops and set with conflict-free diamonds and richly colored gemstones. And, if you can’t find the perfect bracelet, simply reach out to one of our Bella’s personal online jeweler representatives to start customizing your tennis bracelet today!