Exceptional Fine Gold and Platinum

After Jabel’s metal is alloyed and cooled it is rolled into sheets till a desired thickness is reached.  Next, they put the sheets of metal into their antique presses and repeatedly strike it with tools and dies. According to Jabel, each strike can hit with up to 50 tons of pressure. Slowly the metal is compressed in the die, taking the desired shape. Jabel’s process produces a thick, dense, and durable piece of gold jewelry.   

Jabel’s die struck gold is just one of the reasons we love to sell Jabel by David Connolly.  They also offer peace of mind, knowing that the gold in their jewelry has been recycled, rather than newly mined from the Earth. Gold mining continues to be detrimental to protecting clean water, contributing to political unrest, and often creating dangerous work conditions. Recycled gold is better for Earth and the people that inhabit it. 

There are many reasons we value our unique partnership with Jabel by David Connolly.  We feel their ethical commitment to recycled gold is good for the Earth. Likewise, we feel that producing high quality jewelry with a broad assortment of color choices is not only good for reducing excess manufacturing, but it allows our shoppers to get the perfect piece of jewelry. We hope you enjoy exploring the collection.