Collection: Diamond Bracelets

The Bella’s collection of diamond gold bracelet designs offers an array of styles, including bangle, tennis, and Add-A-Section bracelets. These designs can be worn as stand-alone pieces of jewelry or together for a luxurious stacking jewelry look. In addition to ethically sourced diamonds, many of our designs can be customized to a gemstone bracelet by substituting emeralds, rubies, or sapphires in place of select diamonds. Let one of Bella’s personal online jeweler representatives help you find the perfect diamond bracelet.

Our collection of bracelets comes from American-made fine jewelry designers David Connolly and Jabel. We believe that offering made-in-America jewelry is not only better for the environment and a step toward increasing green jewelry manufacturing but helps support local economies to thrive. The biggest advantage to American-made fine jewelry is that it is produced with tighter quality control standards.  Higher quality standards in the manufacturing process eliminates remaking jewelry, which doubles the use of fossil fuels. It is far more responsible for catching imperfections early in the manufacturing process than after a piece is completed and shipped around the world.  Likewise, manufacturing in America helps reduce fossil fuel consumption by eliminating overseas shipping. Finally, buying made-in-America jewelry ensures that we help support local American economies.

Not only are our diamond gold bracelet designs beautiful, but they offer peace of mind. At Bella’s, our designers use ethically sourced diamonds. They offer a pledge, ensuring that all diamonds are Kimberley Process compliant and are not in violation with Russian sanctions. At Bella’s, you can be confident that your diamonds are conflict-free. 

Additionally, all the diamonds in our bracelets are hand selected by experts. Every stone is carefully matched for consistency in color, cut, clarity, and carat, also called the 4C’s of diamonds. This ensures that whether you are wearing a bangle or a gold diamond tennis bracelet, there is a cohesive ribbon of sparkling diamonds cascading around your wrist, all equal in beauty.

Our gold diamond tennis bracelet collection features both classic and unique designs. The most recognizable is our four-prong bracelet which resembles a fluid ribbon of diamonds. Our most romantic tennis bracelets are our vintage-style designs with ornate details.  Finally, our modern diamond tennis bracelets give you that same classic look with a fun twist. You can also customize any of these designs by working with one of our personal online jeweler representatives to add length or swap out diamonds for emeralds, rubies, or sapphires for a gemstone bracelet look.

Our diamond bangle bracelet collection is perfect for stacking jewelry. We offer classic diamond bangles, modern textured bangles, and the ability to customizable our designs, such as the gold floral bangles, setting diamonds in the blossoms. Simply reach out to one of Bella’s personal online jeweler representatives to get started on your custom diamond bracelet.

One of our most unique collections of diamond gold bracelet designs is Jabel’s Add-A-Section bracelets. Each bracelet begins as one simple section of ornate diamonds and gold. The starter section is attached to a gold-fill chain on a secure clasp. Over time, the gold fill is replaced with additional matching bracelet sections until you have a full diamond bracelet. This is a great way to build a diamond bracelet gradually without the upfront financial commitment, allowing you to build your bracelet as it “grows more precious with time.” This is also a great bracelet gift for a loved one, as you can gift diamond bracelet sections with each of life’s passing milestones.

We hope you will enjoy exploring all the diamond gold bracelet designs in our collection. Our styles are versatile and customizable, allowing you to get the perfect bracelet for yourself or as a bracelet gift for someone else. Finally, remember that when you buy Bella’s diamond bracelet, you have the assurance of knowing that the design has been made in America and set with ethically sourced diamonds.