Collection: Wedding Bands

A wedding band symbolizes the eternity of love with a ring have no beginning or ending.  At Bella’s we offer classic, vintage, and unique wedding bands. Our collection includes stylish stackable wedding bands, gemstone wedding bands, and custom designed wedding rings. 

Bella’s will help you learn how to buy a wedding band that compliments your engagement ring. We will look at the diamond grade of your engagement ring, review matching wedding bands, and suggest unique opportunities to create your own unique look.  

At Bella's, our wedding band collection is crafted in an array of designs platinum, 18KT yellow or white gold, and 14KT yellow, white, and rose gold. Bella’s also offers Jabel’s signature pink and green gold rose carved vintage style gold bands, both with and without diamond accents. The collection includes Jabel’s heirloom quality die struck designs, as well as price point friendly and stylish designs by David Connolly.

It is important to note that our diamond and gemstone designs contain ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds that are complaint with the Kimberly Process and Russian Diamond Sanctions. Our designers, Jabel and David Connolly, have provided us with written guarantee of their ethical commitments.

If you currently own a Jabel wedding band in need of sizing, restoration, or customization, please reach out to Bella's Fine Jewelers customer service. Bella's has access to Jabel's full collection of designs, including designs not featured on this site or in the active Jabel collection. We can facilitate any Jabel repair or restoration to be done by Jabel's own jewelers and craftspeople.