Collection: Cross Pendants

One of the most recognizable and profound examples of symbolic jewelry is Christian cross necklaces. Our collection is based on the Latin Cross, a long upright intersected on the top by a segment of gold. The design is meant to replicate the cross on which Jesus was crucified. An interesting fact about the Latin cross, the design was also used in the footprint of church design architecture. The elongated nave and apse are crossed by the transept, its symbolism was to reflect the passion of Christ.

Our Latin-style Christian cross pendant and necklaces are crafted to your exact specification by our American-made fine jewelry designers, Jabel and David Connolly. These gold cross pendant designs are offered in 14K yellow, white, and rose gold. We can also arrange for 18K and platinum upon request. By working with a made-in-America jewelry designer, we offer a personal online jeweler experience where you control the details of your cross’s design.

At Bella’s, we honor the profound nature of this symbol by ensuring every gold cross pendant and necklace is crafted with thoughtful consideration of ethical standards. Our cross jewelry is created with respect for our carbon footprint, as well as its global impact. 

First, these designs use Kimberley Process-compliant, ethically sourced diamonds. This ensures that no funds are diverted to anyone who would wish harm to others. The Kimberley Process also ensures fair work standards are met when the diamonds are mined.

Second, we offer made-in-America jewelry. We believe that offering America-made fine jewelry ensures proper ethical work standards are met in the crafting of these designs. It also allows for tighter quality control standards throughout the entire production process. Higher quality control standards eliminate production redundancy because a poorly made piece of jewelry will need to be remade, wasting natural resources. Finally, made-in-America jewelry reduces the need for overseas shipping and its excessive consumption of fossil fuels.

One of the unique cross-pendant designs comes from Jabel. These 14K pink and green gold cross pendant and necklace designs are crafted using Jabel's signature die-struck jewelry technique. Each cross pendant is made using carefully alloyed gold which is die-struck with immense pressure, compacting the gold into a dense replica of the die. The result is a substantially stronger piece of jewelry. Each rose and leaf is separately die struck, then hand.