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January 23, 2017

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A Survival Guide To Bridal Fair

Matching Wedding Bands 

Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the wonderful world of wedding planning!  One of the first steps many brides take in the planning process is attending bridal fairs. Events like this are a wonderful opportunity to find inspiration, gather ideas, meet vendors, and formulate a vision.  However, attending with the wrong people or going without a game plan can be overwhelming and counter productive.  Take it from a bridal fair veteran (I have been to my fair share of fairs), these are the do's and don'ts that all brides should follow:

1. Do Go With Supportive Friends or Family Members

One of the most wonderful parts of planning your wedding is reconnecting with family and close friends.  It's a rare moment in today's day and age to have a reason to put aside work and the distractions of life to bond with loved ones during life changing event.  So, bring the people who know you,  love you, support you, and will delight in every minute with you.

Engraved Wedding Rings

2. Don't Go With Anyone Who Has Their Own Agenda

What should be a fun day will quickly turn into a battle of wills when you bring the wrong people with you.  Worst yet, you could get pushed into a vision that is not yours. If you surround yourself with negative people and anyone who insist they know whats best for you, your day will be tarnished. End of story.  

With that in mind, a wedding is a terrible time to put friendships to the test.  No one wants to feel left out and you certainly don't want the pain of loosing a friend during such a happy time. Therefore, plan an activity with these special (negative) friends and family members in an environment you can control such as coming over to help stamp and address "Save The Dates."  Turn it into a happening by going out to lunch to celebrate afterwards.

rose wedding rings

3. Don't Bring A Large Group With You

It might be fun to say you have an 'entourage' but in reality, it's a bound to make your experience chaotic and you will likely waste a lot of time.  Instead, pick a couple close friends or family members who will be your cheerleaders, your coat holders, and run interference with that one wedding fair vendor that just won't stop talking.  

Curved Wedding Bands

4. Do Hydrate!

Event spaces for wedding fairs, trade shows, etc. tend to be hot and stuffy from all the body heat.  What's more, the recycled air can be drying.  Make sure to hydrate.  It will help keep you sharp, fresh, engaged, and in the moment.

rose gold wedding bands

5. Do Have A Game Plan

Before you even put an event on your calendar, know why you are going:

  • Is this a fun bonding event for you, your mom, and your maid of honor?
  • Are you in desperate need of a florist?
  • Will your cake designer have samples available to select your perfect cake?

Knowing this will ensure you:

  • Bring the right people with you.
  • Decide how much time you need to in the show.
  • Avoid having buyers remorse if you see a gorgeous dress on the runway right after yours has been ordered.  

braided wedding bands

6. Do Take Notes

Business cards and brochures can get lost.  Take notes in your phone and email them to yourself, the groom, your event planner, your maid of honor, mother, sister, or anyone who is helping you plan. You will want to record the following information: 

  • Business Name
  • Contact Name
  • Email
  • Website/Social Media
  • What you liked most about them (any note to jog your memory).

Don't worry about phone numbers or addresses at this point, any reliable business will have that information listed on their website or social media account.

emerald vintage wedding rings

7. Don't Commit On The Spot

With the allure of special show prices and offers, it's hard not to jump on a good deal. However, if you are just engaged, take your time to let everything sink in at first.  Your bridal budget may need adjusting as you start deciding what you truly want in a wedding. Committing a large financial sum to any vendor before you have done your homework is risky.  Plus, you will want to

  • Research your vendors.
  • Sit down one-on-one to make sure your styles are compatible.
  • Have a confirmed date.  
eternity diamond wedding rings

    8. Do Be Honest

    Rarely is there a bride with no budget, no 'must haves,' etc.  Be honest with the vendors. There is no sense wasting time with a vendor you can't afford, can't fulfill your vision, or meet your deadlines.  It's best for both of you to be honest, you will have more time with the vendors that do fit your needs, and the vendors that don't fit your needs will be free to talk to brides that are a better match.

    Also, don't judge a book by it's cover.  If you see a high-end vendor, don't be scared to talk to them about budget.  A good friend had a strict budget, and found an amazing floral designer that took their signature style and reinterpreted it into a price point she could afford.  Likewise, no vendor is going to put their worst foot forward, sometimes what you see at a bridal fair is not what you get.  Be honest and expect honesty.

    beaded vintage style wedding band

    9. Do Enter The Contests

    Bridal fairs are full of contests, and incentives if you sign up for their emails.  Why not take advantage of freebies?!?  The only down side is you will actually receive emails.  Some brides create temporary email addresses so their personal accounts are not flooded with junk mail.  However, for me, trying to remember another login is just redundant and annoying.  I have found it's best to sign up with my main email address, and if I don't like their email content, I simply unsubscribe.  Legally, they will no longer be allowed to send you an email.    

    ruby wedding rings

    10. Do Make A Day Of It

    This is a fun happening and should be treated as such.  Go out for lunch, take a moment to do what every makes you feel strong, empowered, confident, and radiant!  This is your time to shine

    Thank you for reading!
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    December 29, 2016

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    November Birthstone: Citrine

    Citrine Birthstone Jewelry
    Giving Birthstone Jewelry?
    Citrine is one of the November Birthstones.
    December 29, 2016

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    Jewelry that says 'Love'

    love jewelry

    Jewelry is given for a number of reasons, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones.  The common denominator in all these gifts is love.  You give because you love.  Here are 5 gifts that define love, both literally and figuratively.


    cupids arrow ring

    Love Jewelry #1: Cupid's Arrow Ring

    As the god of love, affection, and attraction, who wouldn't want to be struck by Cupid's arrow?  Especially, when given by someone you love.  This gorgeous arrow ring wraps around the finger with sparkling diamonds.  It's modern in its design and timeless in its meaning.  

    symbolic jewelry

    Love Jewelry #2: Simple Gold Wedding Bands

    A simple gold wedding ring symbolizes the eternity of love. Just like love, it has no beginning and no end, and will continue forever.  Therefore, giving a symbolic ring such as a simple gold band is a profound statement of love.  


    diamond heart necklace

    Love Jewelry #3: Heart Necklaces

    A heart is the most recognizable symbol of love.  Be it a small gemstone heart pendant or a large diamond heart necklace, the meaning is obvious.


    rose gold wedding bands

    Love Jewelry #4: A Bouquet To Last A Lifetime

    Why give a bouquet that will last a few days, when you can give a bouquet to last a lifetime?  These beautiful 14kt rose gold bands with green gold leaves can be worn as fashion rings or wedding bands (who doesn't love rose gold wedding bands?).  Both the roses and leafs are struck separately, hand assembled by a team of expert jewelers, die struck to create a finished band, and then hand engraved to bring out the details.  These rings are truly a labor of love, ideal for the one you love.

    gemstone heart necklace

    Love Jewelry #5: Gemstones Are For Love

    Gemstones are a great way to personalize jewelry.  Here are just a few ways you can use gem jewelry to show your partner how much you love them:

    • Your Birthstone - Giving your partner your birthstone can be symbolic of giving them your love.  
    • Both Birthstones - Another romantic use of birthstone gem jewelry is giving your partner jewelry with two stones; your birthstone and their birthstone.  This symbolizes the joining your lives together.
    • Using the birthstones as representation of a special date in your relationship is another use of gem jewelry.  By giving jewelry with the stone of the month you met, started dating, etc., you can commemorate that moment forever.
    • Picking a symbolic color is another romantic way of selecting gem jewelry.  For example, red is symbolic of love, therefore, red colored gemstones such as garnet, rhodolite, and ruby would all convey the meaning of love.

    Comment below with your ideas on how to give 'Love'.

    Romantic Date Ideas
    Loving Gestures
    and more....
    December 29, 2016

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    Almost Vintage Wedding Bands

    vintage wedding bands

    If you have one of those gorgeous antique ring settings that the bridal world is on fire with, and you need to pair it with a wedding band, consider shopping for vintage style wedding rings.  These 'almost' vintage wedding bands have the look you want with the flexibility, styling, strength, and customization you need. Here is what to shop for to make your new wedding band look just as stylish and romantic as those vintage wedding bands you have been dreaming of.

    unisex wedding bands

    Almost Vintage Wedding Bands Tip #1: Vintage Motifs

    Antique ring settings were often made with popular design motifs.  If you can find these on a wedding band, your bridal set will have an authentic look.  Here are some popular motifs:

    • Millgrain - A millgrain, or beaded edge, is a linear series of round beads of metal on a ring.  The unisex wedding band set above shows the millgrain edge on the rims of the ring, as well as on a decorative interior edge.  
    • Scroll - A scrolling pattern is an elegant motif that appears on a variety of vintage style wedding bands and other jewelry.
    • Wheat - A wheat pattern is a decorative and noble embellishment meant to look like blades of wheat in an overlapping pattern.
    • Floral - Floral motifs include any flower, leaf, or combination of flower and leaf patterns and are just as popular today as they were yesterday.

    mixed metal wedding rings

    Almost Vintage Wedding Bands Tip #2: Colored Gold

    While white gold and platinum were used in antique ring settings and vintage wedding bands, colored metal was also popular.  Luckily, yellow and rose gold wedding bands have made a huge come back and there are many designs to choose from.  At Bella's any wedding band can be ordered in yellow, white, or rose gold or platinum. 

    sapphire engagement rings

    Almost Vintage Wedding Bands Tip #3: Adding Gemstones

    If your a fan of gem jewelry, than this is an ideal look for you!  Adding Emeralds, Rubies, or Sapphires to a diamond band can give you the vintage look you want.  However, just buying a gemstone band alone will not do the trick.  Look for gemstones in combination with some of the other vintage looks mentioned in this article.  

    engraved wedding bands

    Almost Vintage Wedding Bands Tip #4: Vintage Jewelry Making Techniques

    Selecting a wedding band made using vintage jewelry making techniques can add to the old world charm of your ring.  Here are some of the most famous jewelry making methods used in the early 20th century:

    Die struck Jewelry - This type of jewelry is made by striking precious metal with immense force to slowly form the desired shape.  It is a superior method of jewelry making and will hold up to the test of time.  In fact, a number of the antique ring settings you see today are still around because they were made using the die struck technique.

    Hand Engraved Jewelry - The lost art of hand engraving is truly unique.  Only a handful of manufacturers still use this method today.  Jabel is one of those companies.  The artists carefully carve the desired pattern into the jewelry creating sculptural elements that are crisper, more defined, and will with stand the test of time better than cast patterns.

    curved wedding bands

    Almost Vintage Wedding Bands Tip #5: Design Your Own Wedding Band

    The best part of having custom designed jewelry is you can get exactly what you want.  This is why so many brides and grooms choose to use 'design your own engagement ring' programs.  The same goes for wedding bands.  Working with a jeweler that can fully customize your ring, like Bella's, will allow you to get exactly what you want.

    December 29, 2016

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    Rose Gold Engagement Rings (Get Creative)

    Rose gold engagement rings


    Trend Alert: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

    Today, countless brides are bringing their visions of rose gold engagement rings to life. It's a trend that looks amazing in everything, from vintage engagements rings to timeless classic solitaire engagement ring settings.  Either in all pink gold or a mixed metal combination with yellow, white, or green gold.  You simply can't go wrong.  

    "How do I begin to find the perfect rose gold engagement ring?"  

    Simple, find a ring you love and order it in rose gold.  It's really just that easy.  So, let your creativity guide you, mix and match your metals, and turn any engagement ring setting from our collection of designs into your perfect ring.  Here are some before and after examples rose gold engagement rings:  

     rose gold engagement rings
    Before and After:
    Classic Solitaire Rose Gold Engagement Rings


    Before and After:
    Channel Set Rose Gold Engagement Rings



    rose gold engagement rings
    Before and After:
    Vintage Style Rose Gold Engagement Rings

    rose gold engagement rings

    Before and After:
    Floral Rose Gold Engagement Rings
    December 29, 2016

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    September Birthstone: Sapphire

    sapphire birthstone jewelry

    Giving birthstone jewelry?  

    Sapphires represent September birthdays.

    December 29, 2016

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    Iconic Jewelry Moments In the Movies

    jewelry in the movies
    Image: IMDB

    Jewelry holds a special place in our hearts.  Simultaneously, it is valuable, sentimental, and beautiful.  Therefore, it's inevitable that it would play a major role in some of the most popular movies in our country's history.  Here are 5 movies that had iconic jewelry moments.

    jewelry in the moviesImage: IMDB

    Jewelry Movie Moments: Pretty Woman

    Who can forget the playful way Edward, played by Richard Gere, snapped the case on Vivian, played by Julia Roberts, and her exuberant laughter that followed.  Then, the equally iconic scene when Vivian stands in front of the mirror wearing one of the most iconic diamond and gem necklaces in movie history.  It's a Cinderella story with a true princess moment.



    jewelry in the moviesImage: IMDB

    Jewelry Movie Moments: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

    When Lorelei Lee, played by Marilyn Monroe, stepped out in that hot pink dress singing "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend" the only thing more gleaming than her beauty were the diamonds draped around her.



    jewelry in the movies
    Image: IMDB

    Jewelry Movie Moments: Titanic

    If it were not for the fictional halo style blue heart diamond necklace, called "The Heart of The Ocean," James Cameron's Titanic would not have had all it's romantic plot twists and turns.  That one necklace demonstrated Cal's superficial love for Rose, Jack's demise, the world's obsession with the riches of the Titanic, and in the very end, how we knew that the elderly lady was indeed Rose.  



    jewelry in the moviesImage: IMDB

    Jewelry Movie Moments: Lord of The Rings

    One ring to rule all rings!  Now this is a movie about jewelry and how if simple wedding bands were forged in Mordor, how much trouble we would all be in.  The entire trilogy was based on Frodo, played by Elijah Wood, and his epic quest to destroy a simple looking gold band. 



    jewelry in the movies
    Image: Goonies and Map Mentalfloss, Treasure Room GeekTyrant

    Jewelry Movie Moments: Goonies

    When a group of local kids are about to loose their neighborhood they ban together on journey for pirate's treasure to save their town.  After escaping from 'bad guys', surviving booby traps, and dodging skeletons they find themselves in a see of gold, tiaras, precious stones, and lots of gem jewelry.  In the end it's a small bag of gemstones that save the day.  Can you image those stones set in Jabel ring settings?

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