Design Your Own Engagement Ring and Fine Jewelry


The most critical part of designing your own jewelry is having a trusted expert that understands how to design a piece of quality jewelry. For example, a skinny little band on an engagement ring might look amazing on Pinterest, but it’s simply not going to last. There’s a harsh truth to jewelry trends and we want to help you balance your vision with your expectations. Afterall, what’s the point of designing your own engagement ring if it falls apart in a few years. Our experts will make suggestions throughout the process to ensure your custom jewelry design will be of the highest quality when it’s complete.

Why should you trust us to make a piece of quality jewelry? The answer is experience. Our custom design experts not only know jewelry, but work closely with historic jewelry suppliers, such as Jabel that have been crafting heirloom quality jewelry for over 100 years. At Bella’s we provide you with proven quality and expertise. 

Lifestyle is also something that our experts may discuss when designing your own engagement ring, wedding band, and jewelry. This is because lifestyle can impact the type of jewelry that is best for your level of activity. One of the best examples of this are people with active careers.  Active people will want to avoid high set jewelry, such as a healthcare worker, elementary school teacher, fitness instructor, or dancer. High set jewelry is more prone to getting hit, bumped, banged, and damaged. Instead, a low set ring or bezel setting will help extend the longevity of your ring.  

Once design, setting style, stone, metal, and measurements are complete we can determine if you will need CAD design. If the elements you need already exist and simply need to be custom assembled, we will get started right away and shorten the production time. However, if you do need CAD design, our design experts will make sure you approve the mock-up before sending it to final production.

Finally, let’s discuss diamonds. Proper stone selection is equally important when creating a custom piece of jewelry, especially when designing your own engagement ring! Our design experts will guide you through the process of not only finding the perfect diamond shape and size, but understanding how the 4C’s of Diamonds affect the stone you choose. The 4C’s are the color, cut, clarity, and carat of a diamond. Minute differences in the 4C’s can have a significant impact on the value and appearance of a stone.


Your creative vision will come to life and be delivered to your doorstep! This isn’t going to be an ordinary jewelry purchase, but an experience. When you wear or give your jewelry away, it will have a story that will be told for generations to come. It will be a symbol of your creativity, care, and dedication. 

We look forward to working with you!