Collection: Solitaire Engagement Rings

Our expansive collection of American-made and ethically sourced solitaire engagement ring styles include modern, vintage, and traditional engagement rings. The designs are fully customizable, available in several center stone types, shapes, and sizes. You can also customize your ring’s precious metal; choosing from 14K yellow, white, and rose gold, 18K yellow and white gold, and platinum. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the collection. Our team of personal online jeweler representatives are available to answer your questions.  

Our collection of engagement rings come from American-made fine jewelry designers, David Connolly and Jabel. We believe in supporting these domestically produced jewelry manufacturers for several reasons; including green jewelry manufacturing, ethical work standards, and supporting local economies. At Bella’s, our jewelry will make you look and feel good!

The key to establishing green jewelry manufacturing is to support domestically produced made-in-America jewelry designers. First, they can monitor quality first-hand. Poorly made jewelry requires replacement manufacturing, which doubles the use of natural resources. It also gives shoppers jewelry they can enjoy for decades to come, rather than disposable jewelry that will only last for a brief period. Finally, domestically produced jewelry eliminates the need for overseas shipping which consumes fossil fuels.

American-made fine jewelry also ensures ethical work standards for craftspeople, including administrative staff, stone buyers, polishers, jewelers, and setters. These valuable people are the reason we can provide you with our beautiful jewelry; we believe they deserve the respect of a safe work environment. Also, supporting domestic production helps support the local communities that these people live in.

Also, we believe it is our global responsibility to provide shoppers with ethical stone options. This includes Kimberley Process-compliant, earth-grown, ethically sourced diamonds that adhere to Russian sanctions. We also offer lab-grown diamonds purchased through reputable dealers. Finally, gemstones can be set in our gold solitaire rings, sourced from respected gem dealers. 

Precious gemstones are becoming increasingly popular as alternatives to diamond engagement rings in both ornate and simple engagement rings. Our gemstones are hand selected for consistent quality that are rich in color, meticulously cut, have ideal clarity, and are precisely calibrated in size. The most popular are sapphire engagement rings, though ruby and emerald are also beautiful stones.

 Our collection features modern gold solitaire rings. These settings offer traditional styling with a twist! A collection favorite is the full bezel settings from Jabel. This ring’s sleek low-profile setting is perfect for active brides that are concerned with diamond height. We also have euro shank and tension set gold solitaire rings.

Our collection of vintage engagement rings also include gold solitaire rings. The collection features an antique reproduction engagement ring, crafted using a die that was introduced in 1925. The design features a dynamic ribbon design, draped down the band with realistic details. Additionally, we have several vintage-style engagement rings with romantic detailing such as milgraining, also called a coin edge or beading, hand engraving, and floral motifs including rose, flower, and palm details. These unique gold solitaire rings are truly romantic.

It is important to note that many of Jabel’s solitaire engagement rings are created using die striking. This unique process uses specially alloyed precious metals, including 14K, 18K, and platinum. The metal is cooled in bars, then rolled into thin sheets which are die-struck in antique presses. The repetitive striking and extreme force compresses the metal into the die’s shape. The result is a highly dense piece of metal that is substantially stronger than similar designs. These are truly heirloom-quality engagement rings.

Our made-in-America jewelry collection of gold solitaire rings is sure to delight! These beautiful settings include modern, vintage, and classic engagement rings. We have princess, emerald, cushion, oval, and round solitaire engagement rings available in 14K, 18K, and platinum. Our personal online jeweler representatives are here to get you started and explore all of our ornate, modern, and simple solitaire diamond engagement rings.