Collection: Men's Wedding Bands

We are seeing a renaissance in mens gold band designs. These designs include plain wedding bands, subtle vintage designs, and classic gold and diamond mens ring designs. The breadth of this collection gives men a greater selection of designs for both wedding bands and fashionable diamond jewelry. The full collection is available in 14K, 18K, and platinum, and set with either earth-grown ethically sourced diamonds or lab created diamonds, depending on the style of ring.

Our collection of mens gold bands feature designs from American made fine jewelry designer, Jabel. We admire their dedication to green jewelry manufacturing, becoming a globally responsible presence in the industry. The most important step to achieving green jewelry manufacturing is focusing on quality. Jabel’s inhouse manufacturing allows them to identify and correct blemishes early in production, ensuring a higher quality standard. This eliminates the need for replacement manufacturing of poorly made jewelry, minimizing the consumption of natural resources. Also, domestic production reduces overseas shipping, further cutting the consumption of natural resources, such as fossil fuels. Additionally, Jabel’s dedication to made in America jewelry supports the local communities of their employees

Our Jabel collection of plain wedding bands, many that could be considered couples wedding bands, are the most iconic and symbolic designs. These eternally symmetric bands are a symbol of one’s eternal promise of love and commitment in marriage. While these simple seamless bands look plain to an untrained eye, they do have differences; the most notable being width, ranging from thin to heavy gold mens rings. Also, these fine gold bands can be differentiated by dome height and finished textures. All our mens rings are available in 14K, 18K, and platinum.

Our vintage style mens gold band designs tend to be more subdued in their details then the women’s collection. These rings focus two types of details, milgraining and rolled scroll and leaf engraving. Each detail adds a touch of vintage styling to an otherwise classic gold band. Additionally, their subtle details make them ideal designs for women who prefer a more subtle design.

Our collection of mens rings also includes diamond bands. These heavy gold mens rings are often crafted in two-tone gold, with brilliant diamonds in sleek modern settings, such as channel settings. These smaller stones are all earth-grown and ethically sourced diamonds, compliant with the Kimberley Process and Russian sanctions. Our men’s rings with larger center stones have a variety of center stone options, including earth-grown ethically sourced diamonds, lab created diamonds, and precious gemstones. To learn more about your center stone options, reach out to our personal online jeweler representatives.

Our gold and diamond mens ring collection is a budding assortment of men’s wedding bands, couples rings, and bold heavy gold mens rings with diamond. These designs feature an array of detailing including two-tone metal combinations, vintage detailing, and diamond embellishments. To learn more about these bands, explore our online jewelry store and reach out to one of our online personal jeweler representatives.