Collection: Gold Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are a token of love, symbolizing a couple’s eternal love and dedication to one another. The most iconic designs are fine gold bands. These designs include plain wedding bands, couples ring sets, and decorative bands with motifs such as vintage, modern, and two-tone gold.

Our wedding band collection features designs from American made fine jewelry designer, Jabel.  We share their dedication to green jewelry manufacturing. First, Jabel’s inhouse manufacturing allows them to monitor quality first hand. They can identify and correct blemishes early in production, whicheliminates duplicate manufacturing to replace poorly made jewelry, reducing consumption of natural resources. Second, domestic production greatly reduces overseas shipping which consumes fossil fuels. As a bonus, made in America jewelry supports the local American communities where Jabel’s employees live and work.

Plain seamless bands are the most common example of couples wedding bands. They are easily paired with any engagement ring and have a wide array of widths and comfort fits. Our most popular bands are gently domed all gold bands with a gently finished inner edge, that make them very comfortable to wear.

Our collection of plain wedding bands includes ring guards. These plain yellow or white gold wedding bands are sold as a pair and function as a frame for your engagement ring. Lately, these plain wedding bands have been used in stackable wedding ring sets, adding a subtle pop of gold to a stackable ring set. 

Our most popular couples wedding bands are our two-tone yellow and white gold wedding bands. These plain wedding bands use contrasting texture to add complexity to the designs including high polishing, brushed texture, and engraved details. We love Jabel’s rolled, engraved milgrain gold wedding bands. In addition to its simple two-tone designs, it offers curved gold bands and simple straight gold bands, giving you greater freedom to curate couples wedding bands that you both love.

The Jabel collection is well known for its vintage yellow and white gold wedding bands, including its floral designs. The collection’s bands are embellished with hand engraved details, scroll and milgrain motifs, and three-dimensional rose and leaf elements. These gold wedding bands celebrate Jabel’s unique approach to design, manufacturing, and craftsmanship.

Jabel’s hand engraved designs, including the wheat bands and rose and leaf bands, that all begin as die struck pieces of jewelry. Die striking is an antique method of jewelry making that was popular in the early 1900’s. The process is time consuming and laborious which led to its decline; but its unsurpassed quality is why Jabel continues to craft jewelry in this method. Die striking begins early in the process by carefully alloying, or blending precious metals including 14K yellow, white, rose and green gold, 18K yellow and white gold, and platinum. The alloys are poured into bars and cooled.  Next, the bars are rolled into sheets, using heat throughout the process to keep the metal malleable, or flexible. When the desired thickness is achieved, the precious metal sheets are placed into antique machine presses and repeatedly struck with immense tons of pressure. This condenses the metal into the shape of the die, making it exceptionally strong and resilient; truly an heirloom quality piece of jewelry.

The dense metal of die striking makes it an ideal canvas to retain hand engraved details.  Jabel offers a style of hand engraving, a simple wheat pattern that can be applied to most any of their plain wedding bands and the rose and leaf carved bands.  The rose and leaf carved bands are most popular in rose and green gold, respectively. Individual rose and leaf pieces are die struck and hand assembled by Jabel’s craftspeople. Then they are die struck again onto a plain gold band, sealing solder points, and attaching the elements. The result is a sculpted garland of roses that can be worn as a gold band. Hand engraved details are applied to enhance certain three-dimensional elements of the design. 

Our collection of platinum, yellow, and white gold wedding bands include several designs. We have simple comfort fit, plain wedding bands, classic couples wedding bands, and romantic vintage style wedding bands. Many of these designs can be customized to your exact specification including metal type, engraving, and adding diamonds or gemstones, if you prefer a little sparkle in your ring. To learn more about the American made collection of wedding bands featured in our online jewelry store, reach out to one of our online personal jeweler representatives.