Collection: Diamond Wedding Bands

Brilliant, hand-selected, and ethically sourced diamonds grace our collection of wedding bands. These styles include diamond bands, where the stones reach partially around the ring, and eternity diamond bands, where the diamonds encircle the entire ring. These rings come in a variety of motifs, including simple, modern, and ornate vintage diamond bands. In addition to being excellent wedding bands, these rings are ideal for anniversary bands and stackable rings.

Our wedding, anniversary, and eternity diamond bands are all set with ethically sourced diamonds. These beautiful stones are fully compliant with the Kimberley Process, which ensures profits stay out of the hands of those who wish others harm. It also ensures ethical work standards in the diamond mines. Also, these diamonds are fully compliant with Russian diamond sanctions.

Our wedding and eternity diamond bands are beautiful examples of American made fine jewelry. Our designers, Jabel and David Connolly, domestically manufacture their jewelry in an effort to improve green jewelry manufacturing. First, inhouse manufacturing allows them to  control their jewelry quality first hand. This allows them to correct any problems early in the production process, eliminating duplicate manufacturing and further consumption of natural resources. Also, domestic production reduces the consumption of fossil fuels from overseas shipping. As a bonus, offering America made fine jewelry supports the communities where Jabel and David Connolly’s craftspeople and employees live and work.

When it comes to diamond wedding bands there are two main categories - straight and curved wedding bands. Curved wedding bands follow the curvature created by an engagement ring’s center stone setting; however, the curved lines look awkward when worn without the engagement ring. Straight bands do not sit flush against all engagement rings, but look great when worn without the engagement ring. Also, straight bands can be added to a collection of stackable rings for a pop of sparkle. To explore your options, reach out to our personal online jeweler representatives.

Are you shopping for diamond bands? If so, then learning some basic jewelry terminology will help you make your search more productive. Here are some important terms. Diamond setting styles most often fall under one of four  types, including prong, bead, channel, and bezel.  Prong settings are long metal projections that hold a stone in place; a prong that holds more than one stone at a time is called a common prong. Bead setting is similar to prong, but the projections are lower beads of gold. Channel setting nestles diamonds in a recessed channel, using the sides to the channel to secure them. Bezel setting is when the entire circumference of the stone is encircled in the ring’s metal. A semi-bezel setting is a variation of a full bezel, with only a portion of the stone encircled in the collar of gold. There are several more types of setting that are variations of those we have discussed, including tension, bar, and burnishing. Learning how to use these terms will help you find the wedding or diamond eternity band you envision.

In addition to the clean lines of a classic diamond band, we offer vintage style wedding bands.  These unique designs from Jabel’s feature die struck, rolled, and hand engraved details. Most often, the patterns are organic motifs, such as wheat, dogwood, rose, and a scroll and milgrain vine. The details appear on both straight and curved diamond bands. However, our eternity diamond bands tend to be cleaner designs, keeping the focus on the diamonds.

Our collection of wedding and eternity diamond bands offer many modern, classic, and vintage styles. A limited number of designs in the collection are available in vintage rolled, die struck, and hand engraved motifs, focusing on flower and other organic details. If you would like to learn more about the designs in our online jewelry store that are American made and set with ethically sourced diamonds, reach out to one of our online personal jeweler representatives.