Collection: Semi-Precious Gemstone Pendants

Add a splash of color to your life with Bella’s collection of semi-precious stone necklaces from American-made fine jewelry designer and manufacturer, David Connolly. Explore an array of designs including aquamarine pendants and opal necklaces, as well as garnet, blue topaz, amethyst, citrine, and other colorful pieces of semi-precious jewelry. 

Do not let the name “semi-precious” fool you, as semi-precious jewelry is a class of jewelry that is abundant with rich colors. Many of these stones fall under the umbrella of birthstones and they are treasured designs in our collection. Each stone is hand selected for color, cut, and clarity by our American-made fine jewelry designer; ensuring you will have the most beautiful semi-precious jewelry pieces to add to your personal collection. 

Are you curious why our precious and semi-precious stone necklaces are listed separately? This is because semi-precious stones tend to be more financially accessible, this allows us to offer bigger stones in bolder designs, more unique gemstone cuts, and often with lower diamond weight.

Our most popular semi-precious gemstones include amethyst, aquamarine, blue topaz, blue zircon, citrine, garnet, opal, peridot, and rhodolite. These stones are often offered in all designs and if those semi-precious stone necklaces do not offer all the colors, they can easily be customized to any of these stones. Let’s take a closer look at some of these stones.

Aquamarine is the March birthstone, its name meaning “of the sea,” as it perfectly describes its water-like color.  This blue beryl is thought to offer protection and quicken intellect. Aquamarine’s most popular cuts include round, oval, cushion, and emerald/radiant cuts. Our aquamarine necklace collection is set in 14K gold and often accompanied by round brilliant accent diamonds. 

Amethyst is the February birthstone, loved for its deep wine-like purple color. Its name came from the ancient Greek word “amethysts,” which roughly translates to “not drunk.” It is therefore not a surprise that ancients would wear amethyst to prevent intoxication. Today, it is no longer associated with intoxication. Rather, today it is worn to keep the mind quick and clear. Plus, the stunning color of our amethyst necklace collection is sure to entice any lover of colored gemstones.  


Blue Topaz is a shopper's delight! Its colors range from a vibrant blue Swiss blue that almost resembles window cleaning products, to a soft aquamarine like Sky Blue Topaz, and the deep denim blue of London Blue Topaz. Our blue topaz pendant collection is most commonly set with round, oval, cushion, and emerald/radiant cut stones.  Occasionally, a cushion checkerboard or hexagon-cut blue topaz will join the collection. 

A true lover of gemstones looks past the ‘grandmother’ cliche of opal and sees the true depth and beauty of this unique gemstone. The mineral name of opal is Hydrated Silica. It is the stone .1 micron silica that produces violet flashes and its .2 micron silica that flashes red. Silica spheres between .1 and .2 produce the other color flashes you see. Experience opals full play-of-color with our opal pendant collection, offered in 14K gold.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, our semi-precious stone necklaces are a versatile collection customized to designs, able to be set with your stone specifications. Simply reach out to a Bella's personal online jeweler to get the process started today.