May Birthstone Emerald: Science, Lore, & Beautiful Jewelry


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If you were born in May, your birthstone is Emerald

Yes, the May birthstone is Emerald. This enchanting green stone, which includes natural imperfections is rich in color and looks amazing in both yellow and white metals.  It is also the 20th and 35th anniversary gift.  Let's learn more about the this special birthstone!

Emeralds certainly have their place in history.  It has been a beloved stone of royalty throughout history.  The earliest record of Emerald mining was in Egypt around 330 B.C.  In more recent Egyptian history, it would become Queen Cleopatra's favorite stones.  Also significant to Romans, Pliny The Elder described it's color as "nothing greens greener."  

It is also believed that Emeralds are a powerful stone.  Many believe that they have the ability to protect the wearer from evil, reveal truth, and cure disease.  

What is the May birthstone, What birthstone is Emerald, unique birthstone jewelry, Emerald Lore, Emerald Trivia, Emerald gemology
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