Collection: Necklaces & Pendants

At Bella’s we pride ourselves on providing heirloom high quality fine jewelry. Our pendant and necklace collection are all exquisitely crafted from the finest precious metals, set with ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship and exemplary design is what makes us the best online retailer for your jewelry buying needs.

We offer heirloom quality diamond, pearl, gold, and gemstone pendants and necklaces. Our full collection is crafted by two of America’s top jewelry designers, Jabel and David Connolly.  Our Jabel die struck jewelry design collection includes diamond cluster designs, pink and green gold flower crosses, and the Add-A-Necklace collection of diamond slides. The David Connolly collection is comprised of David’s signature designs as well as vintage Engel Brothers designs.  

At Bella's, our pendant and necklace collection is offered in an array of gemstones set in 14KT yellow, white, and rose gold, 18KT yellow and white gold, and platinum. All of the designs we sell contain ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds that are complaint with the Kimberly Process and Russian Diamond Sanctions.

Our pendant collection features a number of romantic and unique designs. Our Jabel designs are crafted using Jabel's antique die struck jewelry tools and dies. Our David Connolly pendant and necklace designs feature richly colored gemstones, radiant diamonds, and lustrous cultured pearls.  We also unique symbolic necklaces and pendants, including David Connolly’s famous Wind Rose Compass design, available in three sizes.

If you currently own a pendant, necklace, or slide and are in need of restoration, please reach out to Bella's Fine Jewelers customer service. Bella's has access to Jabel's full collection of designs, including designs not featured on this site or in the active Jabel collection. We can facilitate any Jabel repair or restoration to be done by Jabel's own jewelers and craftspeople.