Collection: Dangle Earrings

At Bella’s, we love dangle drop earrings and know that they will be a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection. The kinetic movement of these designs accentuate and elongate your neck for a striking appearance. Our collection has several design categories, including luxurious diamond cluster earrings, boho chic gold wire wrapped earrings, simple birthstone earrings, and symbolic designs, such as our wind rose compass diamond dangle earrings. All of our designs are made in America by designers, David Connolly and Jabel. The designs are set with ethically sourced diamonds and crafted with green jewelry manufacturing.

We support American made fine jewelry because of its positive local and global impact and its move toward green jewelry manufacturing. First, domestic production allows for enhanced quality control. Our designers craft their jewelry in-house with meticulous quality control standards. This allows them to identify any flaws or imperfections early in the production process. However, the quality of overseas jewelry cannot be  controlled or assessed until after it has been imported. Defective jewelry will need to be completely remade, putting a strain on natural resources. Overseas shipping also consumes excess fossil fuels. Finally, supporting made in America jewelry helps support local communities.

Also, we only permit ethically sourced diamonds in our jewelry. These diamonds are Kimberley Process compliant, ensuring that profits stay out of the hands of those who wish others harm and requires ethical work standards at participating diamond mines. These diamonds are also compliant with current Russian diamond sanctions. We have received written guarantees from our designers attesting to these ethical standards.

Our David Connolly collection has several beautiful designs. His boho chic wire frame gemstone dangle drop earrings are playful, fashionable, and unique. These designs feature a wide range of semi-precious gemstones in various shapes and sizes, mounted in 14K gold wired and suspended from a lever back earring. Some of the most popular stones include opal, blue topaz, amethyst, and pink tourmaline. Every season David releases new designs based on the unique stone’s he has sourced throughout the year.

David Connolly’s line also offers simple dangle drop earrings that can be set with birthstones. This is a great alternative to traditional birthstone earrings that are mounted in simple settings on a stud. David’s dangle birthstone earrings are available in all the birthstones in 14K yellow or white gold with hand selected stones. His gemstones are selected for consistent quality in color, cut, clarity, and calibration.

Another of David Connolly’s popular design collections are his symbolic designs, including his wind rose compass inspired diamond dangle earrings. This elegant design holds several meanings, the most profound of which is a symbol for life’s journey. It can also be a nautical symbol. Regardless of its symbolism, this pair of diamond embellished dangle drop earrings is eye-catching.

One of the most brilliant diamond dangle earrings collections we offer is from our designer, Jabel. Their diamond cluster earrings use domed die struck settings. Die striking means that carefully alloyed precious metals are die struck in antique presses, compressing the gold into the desired shape. The striking compresses the gold into a highly dense piece of metal which is substantially stronger. Finally, the stones are set in Jabel’s domed pattern to eliminate excess prongs, which create dead spots. Also, the doming allows light to pass more naturally through the diamonds, bringing out each stone’s inherent brilliance.

Our made in America jewelry offers a beautiful collection of dangle drop earrings, with designs ranging from diamond cluster earrings to birthstone designs. Every design is offered in a variety of precious metals set ethically sourced diamonds and richly colored gemstones. We look forward to you exploring the collection and remind you that our personal online jewelry representatives are available to discuss customizing these designs.