Collection: Cultured Pearl Rings

Our collection of cultured pearl ring designs include a wide range of styles. We have simple three stone pearl rings, a halo pearl ring with diamonds, and several bypass diamond pearl ring designs, all crafted in 14K gold. These rings make excellent gifts for yourself or someone special. Let’s explore our designs!

Our pearl ring design collection is a testament to American craftsmanship and green jewelry manufacturing. We work with David Connolly, an American made fine jewelry designer who crafts all of his beautiful jewelry here in the United States. This allows David to meticulously monitor quality control standards first-hand, ensuring his craftspeople produce high-quality jewelry. In contrast, many imported jewelry collections cannot provide quality control until the product is shipped to their American offices. This can lead to poor quality jewelry needing to be replaced, which is a waste of natural resources and fossil fuels. Also, domestic production means no overseas shipping, reducing fossil fuel consumption, and it helps support local American communities.

Additionally, our diamond pearl ring designs are set with ethically sourced diamonds. These diamonds are compliant with the Kimberley Process and do not violate any Russian diamond sanctions. The Kimberley Process keeps diamond profits out of the hands of those who wish others harm and ensures ethical work standards are maintained in diamond mines. All the diamonds set in David Connolly’s diamond pearl ring designs are hand selected for consistent color, cut, clarity, and carat size.

Our beautiful all pearl and diamond pearl ring designs are crafted using Akoya cultured pearls in 14K gold. These rings make for wonderful gifts and have a variety of meanings. Let’s explore how pearls are formed, what pearls symbolize, and when pearls are gifted.

How are pearls formed?

Simply, pearls are cultured by placing a tiny bead of nacreous shell, or mother of pearl, inside a mollusk. Akoya cultured pearls use saltwater oysters. Comparatively, freshwater cultured pearls use freshwater from rivers and lakes and place the bead in a mussel. Regardless of Akoya or freshwater, overtime, the mollusk's secretions will coat and harden around the bead forming a pearl. While a relatively similar process of this occurs naturally in the wild, the engineering of the process allows for a more consistent product and reliable volume of product produced. We use the higher quality Akoya cultured pearls because they tend to be more beautiful in shape and luster.

What do pearls symbolize?

Pearls have held significant meaning throughout history, its symbolism varying by geographic location and cultures. The earliest documented historical writing of pearls was in 2206 B.C. by a Chinese historian. Symbolically, the most notable pearl meanings are wisdom, wealth, success, and purity. 

Are cultured pearls a birthstone?

Yes, pearls are the June birthstone! Additionally, pearls are given on the 3rd and 30th wedding anniversaries and make excellent milestone gifts. These milestones include graduations, birthdays, and weddings. They are universally beautiful and come in a wide range of ring styles.

We hope you will enjoy exploring our beautiful pearl ring design collection and the variety of styles available. Our Bella’s personal online jeweler representatives are here to help, if you prefer customized rings in different gold colors, including 14K yellow, white, and rose gold with special order in 18K and platinum.