Collection: Jabel Pendants

At Bella’s, we adore Jabel’s diamond cluster pendants! These brilliant designs are engineered for beauty. Jabel uses engineered steel tools and dies to create precision diamond clusters. These domed settings nestle the diamonds closer together than standard diamond cluster pendants, resulting in a pendant that has substantially more sparkle.

To understand why Jabel’s diamond cluster pendants are so unique, it’s important to understand the origin of the design. To begin, all diamond cluster pendants have the same origin. In the mid-1900, solitaire engagement rings had become the standard for couples getting engaged. This began driving up the cost of large single diamonds. Jewelry designers took note and grouped several small diamonds into a round shape to emulate the look of a single large stone. Over time, the design took on a life of its own, with shoppers loving the look of diamond clusters. Soon after, diamond cluster pendants and earrings were gracing jewelry store cases across the country.

What makes the Jabel diamond cluster pendants unique is their engineered die-struck manufacturing and domed setting. The dies used to create this design were engineered within thousandths of a millimeter to ensure each diamond was perfectly placed. The setting is also domed, allowing Jabel designers to nestle the diamonds more closely together, eliminating excess gold prongs that leave dead spots in the diamond cluster. The doming also allows light to pass more efficiently through each diamond, bringing out a greater amount of brilliance, sparkle, and shine.

When it comes to diamonds, the diamond cluster pendants we offer at Bella’s adhere to strict standards using ethically sourced diamonds. These diamonds are compliant with the Kimberley Process. This ensures that profits from mined diamonds do not end up in the hands of anyone who wishes to do others harm. It also ensures ethical work standards are met in remote diamond mines.

Our efforts for ethical manufacturing also affect our standards for clean green jewelry manufacturing. We believe that working with American-made fine jewelry designers and manufacturers helps reduce our carbon footprint. First, it ensures a higher level of quality control. Poor-quality jewelry means duplicate manufacturing, doubling the use of fossil fuels. Second, made-in-America jewelry requires less overseas shipping, which consumes excessive fossil fuel consumption. Finally, you will be less likely to replace heirloom quality jewelry due to breakage, reducing the need for replacement and unnecessary manufacturing.

One of the most unique examples of Jabel’s diamond cluster pendants is the Add-A-Nekclace pendant necklace combination. These slide pendants allow you to mix and match diamond cluster pendants with gold finials and decorative spacers. A small collection of Add-A-Necklace diamond clusters and accessories can produce a myriad of different necklace looks.

In addition to diamond cluster pendants, the Jabel collection can be customized, replacing diamonds with precious gemstones, including emerald, ruby, and blue sapphire. This is a great way to add a splash of color to your diamond jewelry. 

As your personal online jeweler, we look forward to you exploring our heirloom quality, die-struck, ethically sourced diamond cluster pendants. These diamond designs are beautiful and meticulously crafted here in the United States. We know you will fall in love with one of our Jabel Add-A-Necklace slides or solitaire diamond cluster pendants.