Rose and Leaf Eternity Gold Bands

Rose and Leaf Eternity Gold Bands

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Our collection of die struck flower wedding rings by Jabel includes this all gold flower eternity band. The design measures 2.5MM wide and features a die struck and hand engraved design. The design can be ordered in one gold as pictured here or in two tone design in Jabel's CW965. The ring is made of individual roses and leafs that are die struck separately, then hand assembled by Jabel's expert jewelers, additional die striking helps seal the solder points. Finally, hand engraved details are added to bring out the ring's three dimensional quality. The band is available in 14K yellow,  white, and rose gold, with special order in 18K yellow or white gold, and platinum. Contact us to explore all the possibilities within our Jabel collection by emailing us at

Jabel style number CW4294

Larger sizes available upon request.

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