Are Antique Style Engagement Rings Right For You?

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Are you a fan of antique ring settings, but either can't find the exact ring you want or have concerns over the quality and condition of the ring?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, than this is the article for you! 

"I love antique ring settings but I have concerns."

Buying engagement rings can be stressful especially if you have a very specific style of ring in mind.  Shopping for vintage engagement ring settings presents it's own set of pros and cons and you need to look at them objectively.  Here are a few:

The Pros of Vintage Engagement Ring Settings:

1) You are buying a piece of history.

2) There is a romance to buying antique ring settings and imagining the love affair of it's previous owners.

3) Authenticity is beautiful.

The Cons of Vintage Engagement Ring Settings

1) You are limited to what is available.

2) Matching wedding bands may no longer exist

3) You are unable to customize the design.

4) The condition may be poor.

If the cons out weighs the pros, then you may want to reconsider your decision to buy an authentic antique ring setting.  Rather, I would suggest shopping for antique style engagement rings.  This will allow you to get the look you want without the limitations of what your dealer has on hand and all the other concerns listed above.

"I'm concerned with the quality of a vintage ring"

If you are considering any used ring, than this should absolutely be a concern; especially since this is a ring that will hold great meaningful throughout your life. While there is a significant amount of charm and romance that goes along with buying an antique ring setting, the truth is you are buying used jewelry. Therefore, along with the charm and romance come concerns over

-Metal Stability, Thickness, Cracks, and Porosity
-Poor Care
-Chipped or Damaged Stones That Could Easily Shatter
-Excessive Sizing

Unless you are a trained jeweler, it's hard to recognize the signs of poor quality rings. And, this is one purchase you do not want to make a mistake on!  Instead, consider antique style engagement rings that will give you the look you want with the quality and assurance of a new ring.
     "What are examples of antique style engagement rings?"
One of our favorite jewelry collections of vintage style engagement rings is made by Jabel.  Not only has Jabel been around for over 100 years, but they continue using the same heirloom quality die struck technique.  Die striking is a style of jewelry making more common in the early 20th century.  It is considered one of the best methods making jewelry to ensure longevity, durability, and creating an heirloom quality product.  Plus, Jabel still offer hand engraved jewelry.  Here are some of our favorite antique style engagement rings from the Jabel collection:
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Hand Engraved Antique Style Engagement Rings
This die struck ring and band offer hand applied millgrain edge and engraving and an ornate fishtail prong setting.

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Hand Engraved Antique Style Engagement Rings
This die struck setting features hand applied millgrain edges and bold high set 6 prong head for added security.

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Die Struck Engagement Rings based on an Authentic Antique Ring Design
The die struck ribbon design of these unique antique style engagement rings is based on an authentic 1925 design.  This ring allows you to have an actual "NEW" antique. Plus, Jabel's signature domed diamond cluster setting is engineered to allow for greater brilliance in the diamonds. 
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Die Struck Eternity Band Antique Style Engagement Rings 
The floral motif wraps around the entire band of this antique style engagement ring. PLUS, the octagonal setting is PURE VINTAGE!

rose and green gold engagement rings, flower engagement rings, floral engagement rings, unique engagement rings, rose gold engagement rings
Rose Gold Antique Style Engagement Rings
Rose gold gives any ring a vintage feeling and this die struck
flower engagement ring setting is a show stopper!
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Hand Engraved  Goose Neck Solitaire Antique Style Engagement Rings
Elaborate hand applied engravings and millgrain edges ornate this unique solitaire engagement ring; pictured with traditional prongs and a fishtail prong setting.

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Art Nouveau Vintage Style Engagement Rings
With the tell tale signs of an Art Nouveau design, this palm embellished antique style engagement rings is elegant and inspired!

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Hand Engraved Sapphire and Diamond Antique Style Engagement Rings
In addition to the rich engravings on these rings, the baguette sapphires add a distinctly vintage touch to the design.
"What makes these rings similar to antique ring settings?"
Antique ring settings are known for their intricate designs, many of which are used in the rings featured above.  Identifying a few key 'vintage' elements will help you achieve the vintage look you desire.  Here are some of the design elements used on the rings above:
Floral Motifs
Rose Gold

If you still can't find the perfect among all the antique style engagement rings available today is to special order your ring.  Yes, you can design your own engagement ring.  Again, you will want a clear vision of what you do and do not like; so, doing your homework and having examples will be very helpful. 

"What else should I know before I shop for an antique engagement ring shopping?"

 While few brides tend to consider how an engagement ring is made, it is a good idea to make sure that your ring will become tomorrow's heirloom by investing in higher quality production techniques.  More specifically, buy die struck rings.  These rings are made using time tested methods of jewelry making.  Instead of pouring the alloyed metals into low pressure molds, the gold/platinum is struck with immense force, condensing the metal with great pressure into the desired shape.  The result is a dense, incredibly strong piece of jewelry that will with stand the test of time better.  We call this heirloom quality jewelry.  For more information on the process read our Guide To Die Struck Jewelry.  

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