The Art of Hand Engraved Jewelry

Hand engraved jewelry is a work of art!

It's exciting to find something truly unique in the jewelry world. Even more exciting is to find true heirloom quality jewelry.  So, imagine our delight as we get to tell you all about jewelry and engagement ring settings that have been hand engraved by a team of expert craftsmen and artist. 

So, how do you hand engrave engagement ring settings, wedding bands, and other pieces of fine jewelry?  Here is a step by step guide to show you how these artists work:

Hand Engraved Jewelry: Step 1

Die Struck Engagement Ring Settings and Jewelry

Hand engraved jewelry is not something that every craftsmen of fine jewelry should attempt.  In order for the engraving to survive the daily wear and tear of it's owner it must begin with the right jewelry, die struck jewelry.  Engraving on cast jewelry is less desirable because the low pressure method of jewelry makes the engraving vulnerable to wear.  However, the inherent strength of the die struck jewelry is ideal!  Just as a painter requires  gesso prepared canvas, an engraver requires a incredible dense piece of metal to retain the design.  Check out our this blog to see how the durability of die struck jewelry is achieved!

Hand Engraved Jewelry: Step 2

Selecting A Pattern For The Engagement Ring Settings and Jewelry

Once the piece of jewelry completes it's production, it is turned over to the hand engraver.  He will carve the desired pattern in relief.  While customizing a pattern is an option, many people prefer the timeless look of Jabel's signature 'Wheat' pattern with millgrained details.  The pattern's vintage feel is popular with many of today's brides and gives new engagement ring settings and wedding bands an authentic antique style look.

Hand Engraved Jewelry: Step 3

Carving Engagement Ring Settings and Jewelry

Once the pattern is selected and the piece of jewelry has completed production.  It is clamped into a swivel block and the craftsmen will slowly begin applying the pattern.  The design is brought to life using only hand eye coordination, basic hand tools and scribers, and his experience.  No templates are used in the engraving process.  It is important to note, that if an error is made in the engraving process the piece of jewelry is scrapped and the die striking process must begin again.
Here are just a few examples of Jabel's hand engraved jewelry.

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