Inventory Policy

Q: Does Bella’s keep jewelry in stock?
A: Perfection is our purpose. Therefore, we make each piece of jewelry to your exact specifications.

Q: How long till my jewelry order is complete?
A: Our collection of jewelry requires varying degrees of craftsmanship to complete. Our die struck designs may require as many as 50 different steps to complete where our simple solitaire gemstone rings may be completed with far less effort. Typically, all orders are shipped between 10 business days to 3 weeks. However, we understand that some gifts can not wait. If you require your order shipped sooner please email us and we will be happy to work with you.

Custom Jewelry Design Policy

Q: What does Bella’s consider a custom order?
A: Custom Ordered Jewelry Includes:

    Sized rings
    Change to gemstone (color, shape or size)
    Change to diamonds (grade, shape or size)
    Selecting a different chain style
    Setting your gemstones *see Quality Guarantee
    Any design that requires CAD/CAM


    Q: How long will it take to complete a custom order?
    A: Depending on the level of customization some items may completed within our standard time parameters. Complex orders will be quoted based on the level of difficulty. These times may vary as customization can often bring unforeseen design obstacles we will need to work around. Please let us know in advance of any firm dates you have so we can fulfill your order in a timely manner.

    Q: Will you set my stones?
    A: We will be happy to set your heirloom stones, however, stone setting can be risky. You will need to send us authorization to set your stone and acknowledge that we are not liable for damage or breaking of stone if it should occur in the setting process.

    Quality Guarantee

    Bella’s shares a vision with our established and reputable jewelry designers; we believe in the quality and craftsmanship of made in America jewelry. We believe that our designer’s homeland advantage is not only vital to maintaining jobs in America but controlling the quality of the product we sell to you. If you are unhappy with your purchase and it can be attributed to poor craftsmanship or manufacturing defects please let us know immediately so we can begin addressing your concern. Through our unique partnership with Jabel, David Connolly, and Engel Brothers we are able to have all manufacturing defects corrected within 1 year of purchase corrected without incurring any cost to you.

    On rare occasions our designers have encountered situations where deception has been suspected. If you file a quality report and our designers suspect this we will work with you and the designer to achieve an amicable resolution.

    At Bella’s we know customer service goes beyond the sale of our jewelry. Therefore, we will be here if any accidental damage occurs to your jewelry that requires repair, restoration, or sizing. Through our unique designer partnership we can guarantee that your jewelry will be repaired by the same craftsmen that created it. Jewelry repair, jewelry restoration and ring sizing orders are quoted on an individual basis and may require first hand evaluation to provide an accurate quote.

    We are happy to set your heirloom stones, however there is always the chance that a stone can break or chip in the setting process. You will need to provide us with written permission to set your stone and acknowledge our disclaimer that we are not liable or responsible for damaged, chipped or broken stones.



    Return Policy

    If the item is in the same condition as purchased we will accept returns within ten days of purchase. In order to expedite the process please be sure to include a copy of the invoice with your name, phone number, email address, and an explanation for the return and we will process your request.  

    UPDATE: We do retain a 10% restocking fee should you need to cancel your order once it has begun processing.

    Jewelry that has been customized (see above), damaged, or is missing components may not be returned.
    If the jewelry is flawed due to manufacturer defect we will be happy to facilitate a repair to correct the problem.

    All returns must be shipped back to the following address:

    Bella's Fine Jewelers
    PO BOX 2331
    Marbledale, CT 06777

    Shipping Policy

    Q: What is the shipping fee?
    A: Your happiness is key! Therefore shipping to all American destinations is complimentary.

    Q: Are Bella’s packaged insured?
    A: Yes, our packages are insured based on the value of your order (up to $15,000). For insurance value beyond $15,000 please email us for a additional coverage quote. Additional coverage will not be added unless you specify.

    Q: Do I need to sign for my package?
    A: Yes, all jewelry packages require signature.

    Q: How will my order be shipped?
    A: All orders are shipped FedEx 2nd Day. To upgrade your insurance please email us for a quote.

    Diamond Policies

    Bella’s Jewelers does not purchase conflict diamonds. We require our designers to participate in the Kimberly Process.



    While every precaution is taken to maintain accurate pricing, there are occasional pricing errors. The prices shown on our website are approximate and may be affected if metal or diamond markets fluctuate. If this occurs we reserve the right to correct those errors.