Collection: Stud Earrings

Bella’s collection of American made fine jewelry includes a versatile collection of stud earrings, including simple birthstone earrings, everyday pearl stud earrings, and formal diamond cluster earrings. The simple post design is perfect for sensory issues, as there are no dangling elements. These earrings come in a variety of styles, stones, and gold colors that can often be customized by working with a Bella’s personal online jeweler representative. 

We support American made fine jewelry designers, Jabel and David Connolly. They provide all the stud earrings in our online jewelry store. There are many benefits to working with American made jewelry, most notable are moving toward green jewelry manufacturing and supporting local communities. 

So, why is being made in America important to being a green jewelry manufacturer? It all comes down to quality.  David Connolly and Jabel’s domestic production allows for first hand quality control that adheres to strict quality standards.  Any errors or flaws are caught and corrected early in production. However, overseas manufacturing cannot be quality controlled after it is received. This can result in duplicate manufacturing to replace poor quality goods, which puts a stress on our natural resources. Importing also requires overseas shipping which consumes fossil fuels. Plus, producing heirloom quality jewelry means you can use the same piece of jewelry for a lifetime; reducing the need to produce new jewelry. Also, American made fine jewelry helps support local communities.

In addition to exceptional manufacturing quality, David Connolly and Jabel offer peace of mind by using ethically sourced diamonds. These hand sorted stones are selected from vendors who are compliant with the Kimberley Process and Russian diamond sanctions. Each stone is carefully selected for consistent quality color, cut, clarity, and carat.

Our gemstone stud earrings are set with carefully selected stones from David Connolly and Jabel. They have a curated inventory of semi-precious and precious gemstones to draw upon, selected for consistent quality in calibration of size, color, clarity, and overall cut. This ensures that each side of a pair of earrings will have stones of equal quality and look like a matched pair.

One of the most popular pairs of gemstone stud earrings are our birthstone earrings. These designs are set with expertly matched and richly colored gemstones in a pair of 14K basket stud earrings. Our birthstone earrings are garnet for January, amethyst for February, aquamarine for March, diamond for April, emerald for May, cultured pearl for June, ruby for July, peridot for August, sapphire for September, opal or pink tourmaline for October, citrine for November, and blue zircon for December. There are some beautiful alternative gemstones that our personal online jeweler representatives can explore with you, such as alexandrite, blue topaz, and tanzanite.

Classic pearl stud earrings are another favorite in our collection. These timeless designs make great gifts and have profound symbolic meanings, representing wisdom, wealth, success, and purity. Pearl earrings can be given as the June birthstone, the third or thirtieth anniversary, or for milestones such as graduations, birthdays, or weddings. 

Our Jabel’s collection has some of our most unique stud earring designs, including gold flower earrings and diamond cluster earrings.  Each of these designs is die struck, where carefully alloyed precious metals are die struck with immense pressure, compressing the metal into the desired shape. Jabel’s gold flower earrings are sculpted rose studs with hand engraved details. Jabel’s diamond cluster earrings feature a domed pattern that is able to allow light to pass more easily through each diamond, bringing out the stone’s inherent brilliance. 

Earring jackets are the ultimate luxury jewelry hack! They elevate the simplest pair of studs to look like a pair of formal earrings. Our earring jackets range from ornate patterns to halo designs, glistening with diamonds and precious gemstones. Our personal online jeweler associates can make recommendations on which jacket will work best with your diamond, cultured pearl, or gemstone stud earrings.

Bella’s collection of stud earrings includes casual, formal, and day-to-night designs. The simple basket set birthstone earrings are perfect for celebrating birthdays. The classic pearl stud earrings are great for gifting on milestone occasions. Jabel’s gold flower earrings and diamond cluster earrings are heirloom quality designs, perfect for day or night. Many of these designs are available in richly colored gemstones with ethically sourced diamonds in 14K, 18K, and platinum.  To customize your design, reach out to Bella’s team of personal online jeweler associates today.