Collection: Diamond Pendants

Bella's curated collection of diamond gold pendants, set with ethically sourced diamonds, includes timeless styles from designers Jabel and David Connolly. These diamond pendants and necklaces are classic looks you will enjoy today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Included in our collection are Jabel’s signature diamond cluster pendants as well as David Connolly’s iconic diamond compass pendants. 

We believe that our relationships with American-made fine jewelry manufacturers, Jabel and David Connolly, allows us to offer you a personal online jeweler experience. Our platinum, 18K, and 14K diamond pendants can be custom ordered giving you full control over the design process. This adds a personal touch to the online jewelry shopping experience at Bella’s. If you find a design and need it in another gold color, simply send us an email. It’s that simple to customize our jewelry to your exact specifications.

Our trust in American made fine jewelry is tied to our commitment to ethical and green jewelry manufacturing; giving you confidence buying from our collection of diamond pendants and necklaces. The reason is threefold. First, inhouse American manufacturing ensures that ethical labor standards are met. Second, quality control occurs at every stage of the manufacturing process, rather than evaluating quality once jewelry is received from an overseas manufacturer. Poor quality results in redundant manufacturing that abuses our natural resources and increases the carbon footprint with needless overseas shipping. Third, overseas shipping greatly increases fossil fuels, leaving a major carbon footprint. 

In addition to green manufacturing, we believe in ethically sourced diamonds. Our design manufacturers are actively committed to the Kimberley Process. Their participation ensures that the diamonds set in your diamond pendants and necklaces come from mines and distributors that are compliant with the process and believe in keeping profits out of the hands of those who wish others harm. It also ensures that labor practices are upheld throughout the mining, cutting, and distributing processes.

While we have curated a collection of timeless gold diamond pendant and necklace designs, we love that our pendant necklaces can be worn together to give you one of jewelry’s biggest trends, stacking jewelry! Simply pair any vertical necklace with a symbolic diamond pendant and you have a fashion-forward style that is meaningful and chic. Additionally, when the trend passes, you will still have two beautiful necklaces that can be worn on their own. 

One of our most impressive gold diamond pendant designs comes from Jabel. Their die struck diamond cluster pendants are not only spectacular to look at, but are of the highest quality. These designs are engineered within fractions of a millimeter using die struck manufacturing to produce an heirloom, highly dense and strong setting that sets each diamond in a domed pattern. The domed setting allows the diamonds to nestle into one another, which eliminates the need for excess gold prongs which take away from a clusters sparkle. The domed setting also allows light to pass with greater ease through each diamond, more effectively illuminating every stone’s brilliance. These gold diamond pendants are truly engineered for a lifetime of beauty.