Why Are People Wearing Two Wedding Bands


 Why are people wearing two wedding rings

So, you've started noticing brides wearing two wedding bands, what do you think?

  • Is it appealing?
  • It it over the top?  
  • Is over-the-top a good thing or bad thing?  
  • Are you wondering if there are any real benefits to wearing two wedding bands?
  • Should you have any concerns?

These are all questions brides, just like you, have been asking. Hopefully, this quick Q&A will help you decide if this is the look you want on your wedding day and for the rest of your life:

Ring guard two wedding band look with coin edge

The "Two Wedding Band Trend" Question #1:
"Why do people like the look of two wedding bands?"
Many brides like the symmetry of wearing two wedding bands. They feel when you only wear one wedding band that it makes your wedding set look lopsided and unbalanced. They feel that by wearing two wedding bands you are keeping your engagement set symmetric.  However, some brides feel the two band look takes away from the tradition and meaning of a single wedding band.  Regardless, there are pros and cons to every look.  You just need to decide what is right for you.
Plain gold ring guards for two wedding band trend
The "Two Wedding Band Trend" Question #2: 
"Is this an over-the-top look and is that a good or bad thing?"
Without question, wearing two wedding bands is purely opulent! The question of, "is it over-the-top" is tricky.  Yes, it's fun, playful, and indulgent.  And, yes, it is a look that many brides love.  The real question is, is it right for you? Only, you can make that decision.  I truly don't feel a look is truly over-the-top if it matches your sense of style and honors your personality.  After all, we are all different, and the confidence you get wearing a look you love makes any style decision the right one for you!
 Two wedding band trend with angled plain gold bands
The "Two Wedding Band Trend" Question #3:
"Are there any practical benefits to wearing two wedding bands?"
While most brides choose to wear two wedding bands for aesthetic reasons, there are some practical benefits to it too!  In fact, this is not a new look at all. Have you heard of ring guard sets, enhancers, or inserts?  If yes, then what they have been talking about are wearing wedding bands that frame the top and bottom of a ring.  While the two rings look pretty they also help protect the band of the engagement ring from getting bumped, dinged, and damaged.  So, to answer the questions, yes it is both an aesthetically pleasing style and a practical style too!
millgrain ring guards coin edge double wedding bands all gold
The "Two Wedding Band Trend" Question #4:
"Is there anything I should be aware of when buying two wedding bands?"
The one thing I need to stress about buying two wedding bands is that you should never put quantity over quality.  Sure, you can find two inexpensive wedding bands for the price of one, but you are going to sacrifice the quality and end up with thin bands that are easily broken, use poor quality diamonds, and have inadequate prongs to hold the diamonds in place.  If you really want the look but can't afford two heirloom quality wedding bands just yet, buy one now and the other to celebrate your first anniversary, the birth of a child, etc.  Then you will have two heirloom quality rings that both hold special meaning. 

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