Top 12 Vintage Floral Wedding Band Designs by Jabel

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The romance of a vintage floral wedding band is undeniable.  The intricate details and feminine floral motif is elegant, beautiful, and an attractive look for any vintage-loving bride.  It's like wearing a bouquet everyday! 

Our Jabel collections offers the most beautiful rose, dogwood, and floral inspired wedding bands you have ever seen!  Many are also die struck for heirloom quality and they often feature engraved details and/or pink and green gold color schemes.  Here are our top 12 floral wedding bands from Jabel:

Carved Wedding Bands

Jabel's collection of carved wedding bands undergo a unique process.  The roses and leaves are individually die struck in either 14KT rose or green gold.  The pieces are then hand assembled by a team of expert jewelers.  The garland is then restruck sealing the seams and connected to a solid gold Jabel band.  Next, a hand engraver adds stippling and engraved details to bring out the ring's sculptural quality.  Here are few examples of Jabel's carved wedding bands:

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Curved Wedding Bands

Curved wedding bands remain a popular choice for many brides.  A curved wedding band will fit snug against the engagement ring, giving it a well matched look.  Here is an example of a floral curved wedding band from Jabel:

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Hand Engraved Designs

Jabel's collection of hand engraved wedding bands is spectacular.  Each ring is engraved by an artist, using only hand eye coordination to carefully craft this unique band.  Hand engraving ensures that each band is truly a work of art!

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Unique Floral Wedding Bands

From dogwood to rose patterns, there are endless unique and beautiful floral wedding band designs that echo with vintage elements including hand engraving, millgrain details, and touches of rose gold.  Here are some of our favorites:

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