Top 10 (Almost) Vintage Engagement Rings


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Are you thinking of buying an antique or vintage engagement ring?

When you put the romance aside there are some serious structural issues and care concerns that go along with used rings.  The shanks can be weak from wear and sizing, the prongs can be worn decades of bumps and abrasion, etc.  In addition to purchasing the rings, you may be looking at a significant investment in restoring your ring to wearable conditions, followed by years of routine maintenance.  

One of the best alternatives to shopping for vintage rings is buying vintage style engagement rings.  Not only will you get the look you want with the strength and durability of a new ring, but you can customize it to your exact specifications.  Here are 10 of our favorite vintage style engagement ring settings to give you the look, quality, and choices you want:

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Vintage Style Engagement Rings #1: Diamond Cluster Rings

This is one of several diamond cluster rings made by Jabel.  The design house was one of the original diamond cluster visionaries, decades ago their designers engineered a signature cluster setting in a domed pattern.  The domed pattern allows diamonds of varying size to be set closer together with optimal angles to allow more light, thus, increasing our ability to see the stones brilliance.

Tip: If you are a bride that wants a more traditional bridal look, order your ring in all white gold or platinum.

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Vintage Style Engagement Rings #2: Floral Engagement Rings

Engagement rings with decorative elements can look very similar to vintage engagement rings.  The dynamic sculpted flowers and leafs of this setting pull your eye to the three stone diamond shoulders that frame the center stone.  It is is a wonderful engagement ring for brides that want a mix of vintage elegance with the popularity of today's diamond mountings.

Tip: Order the engagement ring setting in pink gold to add extra touch of vintage romance to this setting.  But, keep the main diamond setting in white so the metal color does not reflect in the stone.

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Vintage Style Engagement Rings #3: Fishtail Prongs

The decorative three points on the ring's prongs are called 'Fishtail Prongs.'  These decorative but functional prongs have a distinctly vintage appeal.  Plus, they look just as beautiful on solitaire as they do on a three stone ring.  Add in the scroll and millgraining pattern and you have a work of vintage engagement ring art!  Here are several other rings with fishtail prongs.

Tip: Replace either the side stones or the center stone with a sapphire or other gemstone and you may love it even more!

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Vintage Style Engagement Rings #4: Rose Engagement Rings

Not only is this a striking ring (with a gorgeous matching band) but the the way it is made is incredible.  Each Rose and leaf is independently die struck, then a jeweler carefully assembles them, piecing them together like a puzzle.  Once they are assembled they are restruck on the die presses sealing them into the ring with immense force.  
Finally, a hand engraver adds subtle details, like the texture on the leaves to accentuate the three dimensional characteristics of the pattern.  

Tip: This is one in a series of pink and green gold engagement rings and wedding bands.  For a bigger look check out this ring.

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 Vintage Style Engagement Rings #5: Sapphire Engagement Rings

This delightful gemstone ring would make a great vintage style engagement ring setting. The sapphire in this ring is in an illusion style setting, very popular in vintage rings, and it is complimented by four diamonds set in the ring's decorative elements.

Tip: An emerald, ruby, tanzanite, or pink sapphire would also look beautiful in this ring!

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Vintage Style Engagement Rings #6: Princess Cut Engagement Rings

In addition to this ring's beautiful vintage motif, pierced shank, an illusion setting, the princess cut center stone reminds us of all the beautiful fancy cut diamonds you see in collections of estate jewelry.  

Tip: When you are pairing a vintage engagement ring with a wedding band, consider a simple gold band.  Juxtaposing a simple band will add contrast to your bridal set and make the vintage qualities of this ring pop even more. 

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Vintage Style Engagement Rings #7: Details, Details, Details...

When it comes to picking out a vintage style ring, look at the details.  For example, this ring has a spectacular octagonal millgrained illusion setting, relief flowers and leaves, and an open gallery.  It is far from a cookie cutter engagement ring setting!

Tip: Try special ordering the shank in pink gold and the illusion setting in white gold, the result is you agree? 

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Vintage Style Engagement Rings #8: A New Antique

One of many reasons we love selling Jabel is they continue to make the actual designs that have sold throughout their 100 year history.  This Celtic solitaire is just one of many rings that is made using authentic dies from the company's early years.  Essentially, you can truly have a new antique.  Very exciting for lover's of vintage jewelry!

Tip: Jabel's vintage rings come with a wealth of diamond options.  You can easily swap out a setting like this for a brilliant diamond cluster.

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Vintage Style Engagement Rings #9: Unique Engagement Rings

One of many reasons bride's are drawn to vintage engagement rings is because they are unique.  If you are looking for engagement ring settings that are one-of-a-kind in today's bridal world then a ring like this is perfect.  It has a pierced shank, diamond cluster ring setting, and a vintage motif.

Tip: Make it even more unique by swapping diamonds for sapphires, emeralds, or rubies.

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Vintage Style Engagement Rings#10: Art Nouveau Engagement Rings

The Art Nouveau period was stylistically one of the most beautiful that we have seen in the past century.  And, this ring is a perfect example.  The beautiful palm motif mixed with the timelessness of a solitaire is just beautiful!

Tip: When shopping for (or hinting) for an engagement ring follow your heart and keep an open mind!

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