Sapphire Blue and Gold Wedding Ideas

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Sapphire Blue and Gold Wedding Inspiration

"Rich and luxurious," is the perfect description for a gold and sapphire wedding theme!  When it comes to planning your luxury wedding, look for rich gemstone hues, like sapphire, ruby, or emerald to compliment gold gleaming gold accents.  Here are some of my favorite examples, as well as the brilliant wedding vendors behind them. 

Sapphire and Gold Wedding Ideas #1: Hey There Cupcake

This stunning wedding cake from Stevi Auble of Hey There Cupcake is magnificent with it's rich sapphire blue color.  The expertly crafted edible florals suggest rose gold and platinum hues, adding to its luxury feel. [top left]

Sapphire and Gold Wedding Ideas #2: Carol Hannah

Carol Hannah's chic gold Centaurea Gown is pure elegance.  The timelessness of her silhouette and the intricacy of her gold detailing is exquisite.  [top middle]

Sapphire and Gold Wedding Ideas #3: Designs In Paper

When using bold color choices in your wedding, be sure to limit your statement pieces to a few select elements, such as this seating chart from the talented designers at Designs in Paper (you must see their work).  Then use notes of the theme throughout the wedding to support your overall theme and maintain the aesthetics.  [top right]

Sapphire and Gold Wedding Ideas #4: David Connolly

Jewelry is a great way to bring color into your wedding look.  And, when it comes to spectacular sapphires, look no further than David Connolly.  This Bella's designer is known for his exceptional, richly colored gemstone jewelry.  Plus, the best part of pairing a piece of gemstone jewelry with you wedding day look is the ability to wear that piece of jewelry again for the rest of your life. [lower image]

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