Top 5 Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Fall Marriage Proposals


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Planning a pumpkin perfect proposal is possible!  From letting the pumpkins speak for you or making the carving part of the proposal, the possibilities are endless!  So, grab your engagement ring and check out my top 5 pumpkin carving ideas for proposals!

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Marry Me Jack O'Lantern #1: Scenic Pumpkin Proposal

What I love about this is the simplicity of three hand carved pumpkins, nestled in a fall foliage wonderland.  So romantic!  This is a simple way to make for a memorable proposal!

Couple: Brittany and Nick
Photographer: Heather Rasky Photography

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Marry Me Jack O'Lantern #2: Pumpkin Carving Perfection

Not only is the location gorgeous with the glowing pumpkins resting upon hay bails, glowing in the lakeside twilight, but how special is it that each pumpkin was individually carved to spell out the full proposal.  Wow!


How To Get An Engagement Ring in a Pumpkin, Pumpkin Carving Proposal, Unique Fall Proposal Ideas

Marry Me Jack O'Lantern #3: Proposal Pumpkin Carving

I LOVE this idea!  The bride's father and her fiance teamed up to make for an incredibly memorable proposal while they carved their pumpkin.  This one you have to watch to believe!


Romantic Fall Proposal Ideas, Ideas to propose with a pumpkin, Autumn Proposal 

Marry Me Jack O'Lantern #4: Professional Pumpkin Proposals

While I love carving pumpkins, I will admit that I am not very good at it!  If you are like me and shudder at the thought of carving a proposal pumpkin, talk to an expert!  Professional pumpkin carvers Maniac, can carve a lit pumpkin with your proposal message, large enough to hold a bottle of champagne.  BUT, contact them early as they are busy during the fall and Halloween season.


Template To Proposal Pumpkin, How To Propose with pumpkins, Unique Fall Proposal Ideas

Marry Me Jack O'Lantern #5: DIY Pumpkin Carving Proposal

This beautiful proposal pumpkin is all over Pinterest (I pinned it to my Fall Proposal Ideas board).  Can you image my delight when I found a downloadable template! 

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